The Peculiar Pins of the Pin Concierge Podcast

Below are some of the featured Peculiar in the Pin Concierge Podcast. You can also find all of them on our Peculiar Pins Pinterest Board Have you found a unique pin that you want to share you can send it to Pin Concierge on Pinterest or message us.

Taxidermy Home Decor that get a wig, fancy style and more was the featured pin in Episode 21 What to Pin in June Where we discussed all the trending topics for June that you’ll want to pin.

The real question is: Are you daring enough to put this in your home?

MMMM….Churros + Chex Mix was our peculiar pin, not for it’s unique taste, but for the way Annette stumbled upon this pin in the true style of pinners in Episode 20 where top bloggers of Everything Food Conference share their leading pins and what they love about Pinterest.

A truly hilarious list of the funniest comments on a product on Amazon ever. From episode 19: Tips for DIY and Craft Bloggers.