10 Tips for Better Images on Pinterest

10 Tips for Better Images on Pinterest

Podcast Episode 2: Tips for Pinterest Images

On this episode, Annette some tips and insight on what makes the best images for Pinterest. Because like she always says, “Keywords get Pinterest to show your pin, but images get them to click”. For the peculiar pin information scroll to the end of the post.

1. Vertical images in a 2:3 ratio

Pinterest has been really clear that vertical images are preferred and that  a 2:3 ratio is ideal. This is different than other social medias and search platforms.  But be aware that the Following Feed is now a square image feed (similar to Instagram)

2. Text Overlay

Pinterest has advised their advertisers to include text overlay.  Text overlays can be the whole image or only a section. But they tell people what the link the pinner is going to is all about.  So it’s a best practice, but that doesn’t always mean it’s the best for your content. Some topics like fashion and travel can do very well without text overlays explaining what is in the photo.  

Text Overlay.jpg

3. Product + Lifestyle

Content on Pinterest needs to inspire, but also inform.  This is why we recommend both a plain product image (similar to a white background Amazon sales image or a simple product photo) and a lifestyle image.  A lifestyle image shows the product or content in use, in life. Examples include drinks being poured, home decor items in the home, clothes actually on a person.  Ideally these lifestyle photos are original images, but some things don’t have images (like Pinterest service providers). So stock images are fine. Just make them your own with filters, text overlay and styling. Which brings us to the next tip

Copy of merry christmas.jpg

4.  Logo and Brand it

Since Pinners are looking to be inspired with new ideas or learn about things they didn’t know, Pinterest says put your logo in an obvious place.  Pinners have given feedback that they don’t mind brands on Pinterest. In fact they kind of expect it. Can’t very well plan your trip to Abu Dahbi without a few hotel names showing up.  

5. Inspire the Pinner

We kind of already covered this, but make your photos such that the pinner can image themselves using the product.  For that reason you will often season fashion images with heads cut off or models looking away. This is to remove the face so that pinners can feel more that it could be themselves in those skinny jeans.  

6. Use Visual Search to your advantage

Visual search is a very crude method that Pinterest uses to match images to topics.  So brand your pins with a set style and similar templates and colors. In fact, you can even photograph your products similarly  so that things will register as the same in Visual Search.

7. Have multiple pins

We do a bunch of A/B testing around here and the number one thing we learn is that more pin images is better.  This can be advantageous if you are creating carousel pins, but the biggest power is that now there are multiple images out there linking to your content on your website. Thus pinners are more likely to find it.

Copy of how_to_claim_your_website_on_pinterest_TW.jpg

8. Have a visual CTA

Many people know put a call to action in your descriptions, but you want one on your image as well.  One of the simplest ways to do that is with images that appear to have a button saying, “take the quiz”  “get one” “try it” etc. It’s not an actual button function, because you can’t do that in Pinterest, but a simple square that looks like one could make a difference.

9. Mobile-Friendly

70-80% of pinners on mobile these days.  So consider making your images mobile friendly.  The text might look all fine on your desktop, but shrink it down to 1 inch does it become less legible?  Thumbs move fast when scrolling, so keep your words simple and your fonts clear. That’s a better chance for a thumb stop.

10. Test, Test, Test

Find out what your pinners like.  Test text overlay vs. none. Test font styles, test image types.  All this will help you make better content for your audience by helping you know what they like and don’t like.  

That’s all 10 tips for better images on Pinterest for bloggers and ecommerce sites.  Got more questions you can reach out to us

10 tips for making better images on Pinterset.jpg

On this Podcast E2: Pinterest Image Tips

  • 1:19 Peculiar Pin

  • 2:30 Tips 1-2 (Vertical Images and Text Overlay)

  • 7:19 Tips 3 & 4 & 5 (Log & Branding, Inspire the Pinner)

  • 12:20 Tips 6 & 7 (Visual Search and Multiple Pins)

  • 21:12 Tips 8 &9 (CTA &Mobile Friendly)

  • 26:47 Tip 10 (A/B Testing)

Peculiar Pin

The peculiar pin for todays Podcast was The Old Spice Decorative Deodorant Ponytail. You can see all the Peculiar Pins by following our Pinterest Board, ”Pinterest | Peculiar Pins”

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