Why Pinterest Account Management

It can't be stressed enough that Pinterest isn't a social media platform.  It's a VISUAL search engine.  Users consistently come to Pinterest in search of ideas and implementing those ideas.  IN fact, Pinterest is the search engine of choice by it's users.  They don't "google it"  they "pinterest it" --though that phrase hasn't caught on.-- But it's because of this loyalty, the search engine quality and the fact it isn't a social media that I chose to work with Pinterest Marketing.

I view the internet, social media, smart phones etc as tools.  Every single one of them is a tools for me to use to make something easier better or more accessible in a way I want.    That fact has attracted me to Pinterest.  Pinterest isn't about capturing it's users in an endless loop of use so they will waste hours on their site viewing unwanted advertising overtly placed in their path.  Pinterest is interested in it's users.  The mission of Pinterest is to help you discover the things you actually want to do.  They say it right in their company mission.

Pinterest is the visual discovery engine. Our mission is to help you discover and do what you love.

Pinterest wants to be useful to it's users.  And it keeps that at the forefront of it development.  From adding in board organization, archiving boards, secret boards, sub boards, easier search tools and now all the visual search capabilities Pinterest is interested in being great for it's users.  And users love that.  They find what the dream, fee inspired by and imagine possible on Pinterest.  And the best part, you don't have to tell anyone about what you thought of things to get a response from Pinterest.  You don't have to create a group, you don't need to work the system.  Just make good content and share.  (well it's not quite that simple, but almost).

As a Pinterest Account manger I don't feel like Pinterest has ever lost site of their business chasing bigger numbers of users or massive interactions.  Sure the system changes and they tweak their algorithm for better user experience (so you can't be surprised when they start cutting pins shorter to make the feed cleaner and easier for users to read--they are a user driven mission).  

I love that Pinterest is so useful.  You can "google it"  But really when you ask google, "ideas for new mothers", you'll get a page listing about 10 front page search suggestions--no one checks page two right?  But with Pinterest your first page has about 20 pins and you can quickly an idea of what you are looking for.  This is what makes it a search engine of use to you and me as users and marketers.

Pinterest may have an advertising business model for profitability, but would you realize that as a user.  No!  And that is what makes Pinterest so magical.  Theire advertising integrates so easily in to their feed you don't mind it.  The constant improvement to advertising interest groups and the Tastegraph has improved the capability to advertise on Pinterest.  

But mostly I just like that Pinterest is focused on answering a users needs and that need means saying, "check out this other site".  Pinterest isn't bothered by sending users to another location when the answer is somewhere else.

This high quality loyalty user base, constantly improving advertising platform that isn't like social media created a respect that can't be matched.  That's why I want to help influencers use it to improve their business marketing.  

The First 5 Pins You Should Pin Each Day

The First 5 Pins You Should Pin Each Day