The First 5 Pins You Should Pin Each Day

The First 5 Pins You Should Pin Each Day

Pinterest has a standing buiness page that those of use a bit obsessed with Pinterest Business check regularly.  Sometimes Pinterest slips in a little change that can mean big things for your.  Recently they added a small little bit about the first 5 post you want to pin.  I am gonna share what they said and what it will mean for you as Pinterest influencer.

The first 5 Pins you save each day will be prioritized for distribution. Save to the most relevant board first. It’s okay to save a Pin to multiple boards, but save to the most relevant one first—that Pin will get distribution priority. Saving to irrelevant boards won’t help and may hurt the distribution of your Pins

Did that just about knock you out with it's obviousness?  Pinterest said right there plain as day how their algorithm works in one aspect.  Pinterest care about the first 5 pins you have each day.  The first 5.  And it really cares how relevant the boards are you pin those pins to.  

How does a Pinterest Influencer use this first 5 pins information?

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First off you need to know your pinning strategy and how this can affect things.  Lots of Pinners like to schedule through a service, example Tailwind.  --this totally save all influencers time and stress and I highly recommend scheduling tools--.  But if you use a scheduling tool when does it start scheduling for the day.  And who's pins do you want getting share priority.  Yours or someone elses? 

Most of the time you want your pins to get priority for sharing in the Pinterest algorithm (I will mention the exceptions later down).  So let's say you have a new post that's gone up.  You want to pin that post first in the day --ON THE FIRST DAY YOU PIN IT and ON THE FOLLWING FIRST FEW DAYS YOU PIN IT.  If you place this new post that needs some traction after the other 20 pins you scheduled that day, it will get lost in the shuffle so to speak.

Furthermore, you want to post to relevant boards.  For example your new post is a recipe for "Green Smoothies" .  You want the first post to go to a highly relevant board.  That means you want to pin to a board that sends a message to Pinterest about what that pin is about and what users will get from it being shared with them.  So it pinning it first to your "Everything Food"  board a good idea.  Actually no.  In fact that personal brand board "Best of [insert site name here]"  may not be your best choice either.  You want to post it to the most relevant board as one of your first 5 pins of the day.  That means if you have a "Smoothie Recipes"  board put it there.  And then when you post again on the next day or later that day, place it on the next most relevant board, "Beverage Recipes,"  or "Healthy Recipes"  and somewhere in that initial pin scheduling include your brand focused board.  Because the fact the recipe comes from your site is valuable information to Pinterest's algorithm as well.  

What Does this First 5 Pins Mean I Shouldn't Do?

You shouldn't focus your pins on group boards first.  Group boards often allow several types of pins.  Group boards can be as generic as "all things on Pinterest"  to "Food recipes".  In the example of the "Green Smoothie"  a food focused group board could be a nice place to pin it in the first week, but if you know that most of the food recipes are desserts and dinners, hold off to use that at the end.  But if you have a healthy vegetable recipes group board, that is a much better fit.  So you can include that in your early pins.  

When Does a Pinterest Pinning Day Start?

Pinterest has told us that day begins at 12:00 am Universal Time.  (To understand what that means in your time zone use this conversion chart) .  So this means that it starts the same time everywhere, but  for me in the mountain time zone that means 6 pm in the evening.  

Should I make sure my most important post is #1 in line?

Just make sure it's in the first 5.  Pinterest hasn't said #1 is better than #5, so don't read more into this than they said.  It's too easy to start guessing the full mathematical meaning to the algorithm.  But resist!  Somewhere in the first 5.  Keep it at that.

What if I don't have a great board to put it in?

Then why are you posting this and pinning it with priority?  Your pinterest marketing should be syncronized with your brand.  And if that has been done, every post you make will have a purposefull and valuable place to go.  If you are set on this post and pinning it, than don't place it in the first 5.  It won't get them same umpf added, but if it's outside your brand you probably didn't expect a great deal of traffice.

When should I pin someone else's content in my first 5 pins?

It may sound odd to share your first 5 pins with someone else's content, but that might just be a great tactic for you.  If you are a new business and don't have a lot of items to pin, complimentary content in the first 5 pins (mixed with your content of course) would be a good way to boost your presence until your site gets going with more to share. 

Also I firmly believe that every business should "give back".  Successful businesses have a duty to help others be successful --it gives us all a bigger pie, not a smaller slice--. So share your influence with an up and coming business.  If you found out about a great green smoothie maker (continuing our example)  and it's your inspiration, share it once in that place.

Pinterest will also notice if you are stingy with your first 5 posts.  So incorporate a single unique addition from time to time.  While Pinterest isn't a social media, it also isn't interested in marketers that have no respect for the platform.  And the platform is about inspiring users and helping them all.

Of Note:

Pinterest even shares in their business page that you need to be patient with Pinterest.  Your content will get seen, but it will take time for the algorithm to identify your pins, who would need to see them and why they are most useful.  This isn't immediate.  So keep at it and keep working on it.  Just do a bit of prioritizing each day.

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