Pinterest Account Management, Is it for your business?

Pinterest Account Management, Is it for your business?

When I tell associates that Pin Concierge manages Pinterest accounts the first question (assuming they know about Pinterest) isn't, "Can Pinterest account management improve my business?"  or even, "How much do you cost?"  It's inevitably, "Uh, what's Pinterest account management?  Like you pin for people?"  That is partly correct. I do pin for businesses but Pinterest management is so much more than just scheduling pins.  The Pinterest SEO, the consistent attention and the access to up to the date changes make it a management service that can benefit some businesses.  But maybe not (and I will explain that too).

Where is your time best spent as a business owner?

What are Pinterest management services?

In short, Pinterest management services is when those with a specialized attention to the demands of a Pinterest algorithm and audience responses to actively control your brand's Pinterest presence for maximum exposure and conversion. 

But what specifically does Pinterest Account Management do?

  • optimize keywords on pins and boards
  • improve profile appearance
  • attend to the needs of your accounts Pinterest SEO
  • Consistently pin content (yours and others)
  • Report the analytics in a clear way for content planning and marketing
  • If you want even more info look at our services page.  

How does my business benefit from management services?

The biggest benefit our clients see is a massive time savings.  Maintaining a presence on an social platform takes time.  You need to be on the platform.  You need to learn what's changed on the platform.  You need to adjust your marketing strategy to the platform changes.  But is this really the best use of a business owner or business management's time? When you could give those duties off to a specialist, and you can focus back on what you are good at making content and products that Pinterst users need.  

The next benefit our clients see if that growth happens.  Irregular use of Pinterest leads to reductions in exposure and content stagnation.  And like mentioned above, consistency takes time and constant time.   Business owners are busy, very busy. So that means Pinterest scheduling could get missed, be off trend, unsystematic, irregular or just plan abandoned.  Pinterest management prevents that from happening with guaranteed pinning and active attention to your brand presence.  With that you will build audience and brand awareness.

Who needs this service?


If you are short on time or knowledge of Pinterest, presence management could benefit you.  Do you need it?  Most likely yes.  

We've all been there where we are just overwhelmed by a new marketing tool or service.  if Pinterest is leaving you baffled, than it's probably time to consider getting help from someone who pays constant attention to Pinterest.  I don't do Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat.  But you know what Pinterest is difference because it's a visual search engine.  And that single minded focus means I am ready to give you sure and clear answers to your questions, concerns and best ways to relieve you biggest pain points.

Can I be successful without Pinterest management services?

YES! You can be successful without an actively managed account.  There are lots of great resources to DIY your Pinterest Marketing--email me I will share a few of my favorites with you.  But again it comes back to what's the best use of your time.  I, for one, am not very good at website coding.  I don't spend hours learning it. I hire it out, because it's a better use of my time to analyze a client's promoted pin analytics for what their audience likes.  That gets my client results.

Is Pinterest for every business?

I will be honest, Pinterest isn't a highly beneficial platform for every business, but it is for most.  Pinterest has policies about content.  If your products or services run counter, than obviously this isn't the place for your business.  But otherwise there are 200 million users on Pinterest, predominately the buying decision-makers.  So your business has an audience  there.  We can help you find them with Pinterest account management.


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