Why your business needs Pinterest Marketing?

Why your business needs Pinterest Marketing?

It’s happening more and more, business owners want to utilize social media marketing.  And for some reason that means Instagram, maybe facebook and probably a random twitter account.  But businesses aren’t considering Pinterest part of the whole digital marketing strategy. With a few exceptions every business online or IRL can benefit from a well-managed Pinterest presence.  Pinterest for business is not facebook, it’s not your typical social media. It has a unique and consumer-powerful demographic and it offers long-term results like not other social media platform.

What is the main purpose of Pinterest?

The main purpose of Pinterest to allow people to search out new things to do, make, or become, store those discoveries in one place and develop them later or continuously from the present.  To quote Pinterest themselves, “Pinterest is the visual discovery engine.  Our mission is to help you discover and do what you love.”  

Did you catch that?  Pinterest is a search engine, not a social media.  That’s a BIG distinction.  No business would say, “google isn’t valuable to my business”  It’s the most powerful search engine in the world. Businesses want all their info right in google maps, correct in google search and optimized for the search engine.  It’s almost as mandatory as the internet access itself. Why wouldn’t you feel similarly about Pinterest?

You should.  You should, because the users that are on Pinterest are unique and capturable for a business.


Who uses Pinterest?

There are currently (2018) 200 million+ active users on Pinterest.  That number may seem unimpressive since Facebook has 2200 million active users, but once you understand who is using it, you’ll understand how valuable the Pinterest market is to your business.

1 in 2 millenials use Pinterest at least once a month.  And not just millenials, the next largest age group of users is 30-49 year olds.  Now every marketer knows that women make the majority of purchasing decisions in the US economy.  Well, turns out Pinterest has a lot of female users. Almost half of all the women online (45%)are Pinterest users….So that means that half of all the people who make most, if not all, the household buying decisions are on Pinterest.  

Now that’s the demographics, the Pinterest user is uniquely placed in the shopping journey.  Since Pinterest is a search engine these users are looking for inspiration early in their product discovery.   This simply means, Pinterest users are open to new brands, ideas and products, because they haven’t picked exactly what they want to do.  These are probably the most sales funnel ready users you can find. They are searching for the ideas your business can provide. And Pinterest confirms that 93% of Pinners (ie Pinterest users) use Pinterest to plan purchases.  

Pinterest Marketing leads to long-term results

A tweet has a milisecond life span, snaps gets 24 hours, instas are stored forever (not looked at just stored)  and viral dies out quick on facebook. Pinterest pins live forever. I know businesses that haven’t created new content but their pins just keep sending them customers.  Pins are active as long as people want that information and your account remains active on the platform (to see more about management services).   So pins created today will still be found by pinners for years.

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The key to Pinterest’s long term results is the way pinners save your pins.  In Pinterest users don’t “share” content, they “Save” it. A user has personal boards they save (or repin) your pins to because they were inspired.  Pinterest uses that “save” as information saying, “users like that, lets share it to more users” Then over time, it’s saved and shared with more people in the  web of pins and your business benefits.

The best proof of the long-term value of Pinterest is that when a business advertises on Pinterest there are continuous results from the ad campaign for the follow 4 weeks, up to 30% residual benefits.  How does that happen?  Well it’s because your pin was seen and saved during your ad campaign, but now the users are going back to those pins and clicking through and reading.  Those actions tell Pinterest to organically share it and Pinterest does.

The catch to long-term results is that Pinterest is also a slow-growth platform.  Never expect that one pin will go viral and you’ll get gobs more followers. That might happen, but for most businesses it’s about a steady process of pinning, evaluating and pinning again. With that steady effort will come about 3-5% follower growth and an equivalent return to your online business pages.  Don’t like that return, just keep in mind that a long-term gain process has more stay power. And we get it keeping at it with a less impressive return is hard for a business owner (at best) almost impossible at worst. (hint: that’s why we like to help you out)

Local marketing may seem harder, but it’s not really.  Ads can be targeted to geographic areas, pins can be optimized for your location and your customers.  All these things are possible and will result in full advertising benefits for your business. Don’t know how to optimize a pin send me a message we can talk about that or anything else I have discussed here about Pinterest users or why use Pinterest for business marketing

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