The 4 Feeds of Pinterest

The 4 Feeds of Pinterest

Did you know there are 4 different feeds in Pintrest?  And it takes a slightly different tactic to get in each of these feeds.  As a business on Pinterest you want to be seen in as many places as possible, but you can’t get there if you don’t know those places exist.  So let’s talk about the 4 feeds of Pinterest and what Pinterest puts in each feed.

You can get in the 4 Pinterest feeds watch this video for tips.

The Pinterest Smart Feed

What is the Pinterest Smart Feed?

This would be most commonly called a “home feed” or a “default feed”.  Whenever you log in to the Pinterest the first place you are sent is the Smart Feed. Pinterest introduced it in 2014.  Prior to that the feed was a a chronological accounting of what people you follow pinned. The smart feed is the algorithm based feed of Pinterest.  

pinterst feed generic.jpg

What makes up the Pinterest Smart Feed?

In the most simple terms it is roughly

  • 1/3rd pins from people you follow

  • 1/3rd pins Pinterest thinks you’ll like

  • 1/3rd pins that are advertisement

Pinterest’s engineering blog can blow your mind away with how they assign interests to pins.  But I like the idea of this you tube video talking about the tastegraph (it’s a bit more simple)


How do I  get pins in the Pinterest smart feed?

For ways to get your business pins into the smart feed there are some best practices I share in my “How to get in the smart feed” post.  Or if you want to guarentee your business appears in a smart feed you can purchase promoted pins and get in the ⅓ rd of pins that are ads.  

The Follower Feed

What is Pinterest's Follower Feed?

This was an exciting edition in 2018.  This feed is a throw back to the original feed when you saw all the pins people you follow pinned in a chronological order.  But thankfully it’s a bit smarter. Previously, when your friend was on a recipe pinning binge you saw all 200 of those “low carb recipes”  in your order. Followed, probably, by the 200 exercises pins they had just pinned as well. This wasn’t the best for user experience.  Now Pinterest shows a somewhat chronological feed of your friends, but limits what comes from each friend to about 5-10 pins and mixes them up.  It generally keeps the pins current to that days pinning by people you follow.

find follow feed.jpg

You can find the Follower feed by clicking on the two person image in the upper right corner of Pinterest on desktop or at the bottom on mobile.  The image looks the same.

How do I get  pins in the Pinterest Follower Feed?

In short, you increase your followers on Pinterest and you keep pinning content that followers want to see.  How much people are using the follower feed isn’t public information from Pinterest. But I can promise that many users were excited to see its return as they weren’t enjoying the smart feed’s inaccuracies.  So I would say that users are regularly checking it out and I know some users that it’s their default to leave the smart feed and head straight for their follower feed.  Advertisements are in the follower feed as Pinterest is an ad revenue based platform.  You can guarantee your appearance in the follower feed by purchasing ads and targeting your followers with the ad.  

The Search Feed

What is the Pinterest Search Feed?

This is just what it sounds like.  It’s all the results in a search. Pinterest is a visual search engine  and users are constantly searching for inspiration for their homes, lives, family, fashion, travel and more.  

You don’t need to navigate to the Search feed, just put in a search term.  You can filter your search term results by pins, boards, pinners or your own pins using the filters to the right of the search bar.

How do I get my pins into the Pinterest Search Fee?

The best way to get into the Pinterest search feed is to make sure your Pins have all the keywords you need in the descriptions.  Search out good keywords and make sure they aren’t stuffed in there. Use natural language and you have up to 500 characters, so use them up.  For a great bit on Pinterest SEO check out Simple Pin’s podcast

The Explore Feed (This Feed was discontinued in late 2018)

What is the Pinterest Explore Feed?

Sometimes this is also called the "Trending Feed".  Just like Instagram gives you the chance to see things you didn’t know were out there in your IG explore feed, Pinterest has a similar place. You will find things trending that surprise even a seasoned Pinterest manager like myself:  “unicorn poop” “margarita pretzel bars” “ring security ring bearers” 

explore feed button.jpg

You can find the Explore feed by clicking on the compass icon in the upper right corner of the Pinterest dashboard.  After that play around and see the trends in different topics.  It's recommended to know the trends in your business's target audience.  So click on the category that your customers like to look at.  

How do I get my pins in the Explore feed?

Well that is a trick.  Mostly it’s by getting in all the above feeds and having active followers that repin your images.  And it’s about knowing what is popular and making content that compliments that.


The Hashtag Feed

What is Pinterest’s hashtag feed?

It’s actually a sub type of search feed.  You can search Pinterset by hashtags as of June 2017. After putting a hashtagged term in the search bar, you will be shown a chronological order of pins with that hashtag.  It’s a very hit and miss grouping since the hashtag can be great quality items and low quality items. the awesome part it is a completely chronological ordered feed --and there are no ads.  If your company has a branded hashtag (and you really should) it’s a great way for users to find more of your stuff.  #pinconcierge.

How do I get my pins in Pinterest's Hashtag Feed?

It’s the simplest one to be in.  Just put hashtags in the description of your pins.  Which hashtags? I mentioned the branded hashtag.  But you should consider the hashtags people will search.  Hashtags already strong on other platforms would be searched. (#metoo #sayyestothedress #womensmarch). The big unknown is how many people are searching by hashtag.  I can tell you, not many….yet. The hashtag was only introduced into Pinterest in the summer of 2017. It’s being used by businesses, but pinners haven’t begun to search by it.  Don’t worry that will come so start using them.  

It’s kind of nice to know that you have 4 ways to get your pins into the view of pinners.  While some feeds (hashtag feed) are very simple to get into others (trending feed, smart feed) take some strategy and consistency.   But now that you understand what each Pinterest feed is and you know what each feed uses to fill its space you can optimize your business to those possibilities. Or you can ask a concierge for more information and ways to reach a specific audience


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