E024 Better Client Onboarding for Pinterest VAs

E024 Better Client Onboarding for Pinterest VAs

On today’s episode, Annette chats with guest host Jana Osofsky of Jana O Media. She’s simplified the process of onboarding clients, and whether you’re a Virtual Assistant or not, you’ll learn some great tips and strategies to simplify your life! They’ll talk about reasons it’s important to have a simple but thorough process, tools to use, plus they’ll walk through Jana’s process to give you an in-depth look at how she’s actually doing it.

If you’re a VA, make sure to listen to two of our past episodes that will be a HUGE help in organizing and streamlining your Pinterest business: Preparing For Time Off and Streamlining Your Work.

The best practices for the client onboarding process for Pinterest VAs. Tips that will help grow your Pinterest business and make your clients have greater trust in your virtual assistant services. #virtualassistant #clientonboarding #pinconcierge

E024: A Better Client Onboarding Process

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Why Have a System for Onboarding?

Why re-create the wheel every time you bring a new client on? Save time and mental energy with a streamlined process—one that’s the same for every client will ensure you hit every mark without missing any steps.

It really sets the pace, shows the client you’re a professional, and breeds confidence that you know exactly what you’re doing. It essentially sets the pace for the relationship.

When a client hires you, they just want to start. They don’t want to wait around for contracts and questionnaires and everything else you need before you can begin working with them. A smooth onboarding process makes it easy for the client, which means they’ll be excited to work with you right out of the gate.

Automating and Systemizing

There are many software options for every step of your business, but Jana keeps it simple with just three. She uses:

  1. Dubsado.com is a comprehensive software that can manage projects, schedule appointments, create workflows, send emails and invoices, set up subscriptions, etc. She uses it to automate and simplify her client onboarding, including having them fill out forms and send payment.

  2. Asana.com is task management software that Jana uses to keep her calls on track and on point with her clients.  This way all the important details are not missed. Clients are not in this space with her.

  3. Slack.com is for simple client communication.

Google Drive gets an honorable mention because she does utilize it for files and images that she and her clients need shared access to. Be sure to listen to our episode about Streamlining Your Work to get the most out of Google Drive!

Jana has found that her clients aren’t always tech-savvy, and they’re busy—they don’t really want to learn new software. Even though Dubsado could be her client communication platform, a lot of people are already in Slack, so it makes more sense for her to communicate with them there.


Onboarding Your Clients

Onboarding your clients in an organized way is important for many reasons, but mostly to give you sanity and peace of mind that everything is taken care of. If you offer multiple services like Jana, then this is even more important, as it’s always easier to forget something when you have a lot of balls in the air.

Jana’s process was simple but fascinating to learn. In a nutshell, here’s her process:

  • Clients can view and choose your services (and view pricing) from a website (or PDF if you don’t have a website).

  • When they choose a package or product, they'll go to a Dubsado form. They’ll fill out and submit a questionnaire, where they will then be rerouted to Jana’s booking calendar to set up a consultation.

  • If she takes the client, Jana then goes into Dubsado and triggers a workflow for that client so they’ll automatically receive everything they need to begin the process. This does everything from sending contracts and messages to inviting them to Slack.

If you’d like to see how Jana sets up her client onboarding system in Asana and learn some helpful tips to simplify everything, she’s generously sharing her swipe files at https://janaomedia.com/onboarding/.

Huge thanks to the incredible Jana for sharing so much helpful information with us! If you’d like to connect with Jana online, you can find her on Facebook or at Jana O Media.

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