E36 Collaboration for Pinterest Marketing

E36 Collaboration for Pinterest Marketing

On today’s episode, Annette and special guest Gillian Luce of Homes.com are chatting all things collaboration when it comes to Pinterest marketing! If you’re trying to build a business on Pinterest, then you won’t want to miss this valuable information! Whether you’re an influencer, blogger, or even a big brand, Pinterest can play an important part in shaping your online presence. 

How Homes.com got started on Pinterest

Homes.com got started on Pinterest back in 2011 (when Pinterest was still new!). There weren’t a lot of other companies on Pinterest at that time (so they couldn’t watch other brands to see how they utilized it), but there were a lot of contests being run on other platforms. Gillian wanted to take Pinterest “out for a spin” to see what would happen, so they ran their first promotion.

It was a pinning contest in which users pinned content from their site and then shared it back with the brand. The contest was wildly successful! Homes.com saw:

  • 237% increase in referral traffic from Pinterest

  • 420% increase in page views

  • 782% increase in site searches

  • 500% increase in leads

PLEASE NOTE: Pinterest no longer allows contests that obligate people to pin things in order to enter to win.

This experience really opened their eyes to the value of Pinterest—even without a contest component! Homes.com went on to produce a white paper discussing how real estate agents can utilize Pinterest to help their clients find exactly what they’re looking for in a home. All they have to do is pin ideas of what they want so their agent could see it. This earned homes.com a PR News and Social Media Icon award in 2013!

Promoting on Pinterest

Homes.com was an early adopter of Pinterest, and they still use the platform for brand awareness, conversion, and site traffic. It’s important to note that they understand that it’s not just about organic traffic. There’s a promotion portion as well—use all the tools Pinterest offers! Video, gifs, static, promoted pins... there’s so much that can be done!

Video is getting a lot of primary placement (in the smart feed AND search feed), so utilizing video is really important. Even organic videos are now getting priority, which wasn’t always the case.

Video is interesting because it has a lower click-through rate, but it’s actually improving accounts’ health because of the interaction they generate with users.

Pinterest Quizzes

Pinterest has launched a new program that allows businesses to set up a short quiz, and then Pinterest will populate a board with that brand’s products based on a given user’s responses to that quiz.

This quiz-to-Pinterest-board feature was first launched with IKEA, which you can read more about here. See an example pin here (click on the pin to get the quiz—the quiz results were time sensitive and they look to no longer be populating boards, sorry).

This could be so valuable for businesses and pinners alike because it will help pinners get tailored information that businesses can deliver without all the guesswork. The feature appears to be in beta, but we’ll be sure and give you more information as we get it!

Find those search results that are low in competition and with the help of a collaborative campaign you can be the lead in that search term on Pinterest.

Find those search results that are low in competition and with the help of a collaborative campaign you can be the lead in that search term on Pinterest.

Homes.com Current Pinterest Strategy

Homes.com partnered with Little Tykes for a big campaign that layered influencer marketing, social media, a contest, and a charity component. Three influencers were tasked with making over a standard Little Tykes playhouse cottage and the transformations were incredible.

Instead of just providing the DIY tutorial, homes.com also turned it into a contest, inviting the influencers’ audiences to vote for their favorite makeover. The contest had more than 2,000 entries and the contest winner received a donation from homes.com to the children’s charity of their choice.

The campaign was a big success because it served everyone involved! It drove traffic (which is incredibly important for any campaign), it served the audience with helpful information, and it benefitted a charity (which people love and care about).

Pinterest was used in promoting this campaign, as well as Facebook, Instagram, and Google. Promotion is key, of course, because without it, the campaign will gain little traction and fail to serve the intended audience (and in this case, charitable recipient).

The most interesting thing to note is that this campaign was hugely successful for the influencers as well. Lollyjane.com now has a near-cult following because of their participation in the campaign! Find their Little Tykes makeover here. They now basically own the entire landscape of search terms on Pinterest when it comes to Little Tykes makeovers. People got really excited about this project!! They even have a highlight reel on Instagram of all the submissions they’ve received of people who have remade their own Little Tykes playhouses.

Moving Beyond the Sale

It’s important for businesses to think beyond the initial sale when they bring a new customer in. It’s important to continue offering valuable content! If you aren’t sure what content to create, focus on answering frequently asked questions, next steps, etc. You can stay top of mind throughout your customer’s entire journey, not just until they purchase.

Google is still the largest search engine in the world, but pinners come to Pinterest for a certain type and style of searching. When you’re not sure exactly what you want, those visuals help you figure it all out!

BIG thanks to Gillian for the amazing insight into Pinterest from a brand perspective! Find Gillian on Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram and find homes.com on Pinterest and Instagram!

EP 36 Collaboration for Pinterest Marketing with Homes.com

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