E022 Creating a Signature Style for Pinterest

E022 Creating a Signature Style for Pinterest

On today’s episode, Annette chats with Cori George of Hey Let’s Make Stuff about having a signature style in pin design and how it will bring cohesiveness and professionalism to your business, plus serve your following better. And don’t miss today’s peculiar pin—how to make your own striped vinyl tote bag.

Cori chose this pin because it demonstrates a great signature style that’s unique, easy to spot in a busy Pinterest feed, and also looks great. Find this pin and more on our Peculiar Pins board.

Why Should Bloggers and Brands Have a Signature Style on Their Pins?

Everything you make (as well as the marketing around it—Pinterest, social media, etc.) should have a signature style. When someone has done this you can scroll through Pinterest or Instagram and know right away whose pin or post it is because of their unique style—without needing to see their name.

This is really almost like a promise to your readers—they know what they’re going to get from you each time they visit your site or social accounts. It’s when you start posting things that are inconsistent with your brand that you’ll confuse your followers. Confusion will keep them away, so stay on track with your style!

_Keep your promise to your readers by staying consistent and they’ll keep coming back_.jpg

Staying within these boundaries you set for your brand will also help you be more creative. When you put limits on what you have to work with, you actually become more creative within that box!

“Creativity thrives within constraint.” -- Cori George 10:25

8 Aspects of Style

There are 8 aspects of style that everyone should follow as they begin dialing in their signature style. These 8 things will also help you stay consistent because you won’t be reinventing your brand style each time you create new content or post on social media.

  1. Project Focus (niche down if possible)

  2. Color (choose brand colors, particularly for Pinterest and Instagram)

  3. Texture (especially for craft or decor creators—when you veer from your typical texture it creates inconsistency and confusion)

  4. Typography (stay consistent with your pin fonts—this translates over to your printables, website, etc. They don’t necessarily have to be the same, but they do need to be complementary!)

  5. Photography Composition (again, consistency is important!)

  6. Lighting (take this seriously—it makes a BIG difference to have correct lighting)

  7. Styling and Props

  8. The Personality of Your Work

Where to Focus First When You’re starting Out

If you feel overwhelmed putting all these pieces together at the same time, don’t worry! You don’t have to start out with all 8 at once. The aspects to focus on first are:

  • Color (especially food/craft/home decor bloggers)

  • Lighting (create a signature lighting style—don’t be afraid to use a photo editing software to achieve your signature style!)

  • Nail down the personality of your blog

Once you have these things dialed in, then start adding in the other aspects to continue improving your design.

“The riches are in the niches.” -- 33:06

Pinterest Pin Designs

When designing how your pins will look, typography is important. Remember, even if your website and your pins don’t use the same fonts, they should be complementary.

Pro Tip: Pins should be easy to read or else people will NOT stop to read it as they scroll. Don’t choose a font that can’t be read at a glance (think less than a second!).

How to Evaluate Pins to Determine your Signature Style

When it’s time to start figuring out what your style is, you may feel stuck. That’s okay! Start by hopping on Pinterest to begin collecting the pins and photography you feel are the most “you.” Put them all in one place (use a secret Pinterest board!). Look at the elements and see what all these pins have in common. Ask yourself:

  • What colors am I most drawn to?

  • What’s the layout?

  • What kind of lighting do I like?

By starting here you can explore lots of styles to see what’s in line with your brand and your preferences. Remember, don’t copy other content creators, but it’s great to get your inspiration from other sources!

Pro Tip: If you get bored with your signature style, it’s okay to slowly add other elements in and see how it works.

Cori shared so much incredibly helpful information with us! If you’ve been struggling to develop your signature style, this is really your roadmap to good design. And if you haven’t already, definitely check her out on Pinterest)

Use these 8 tips to help you create a signature style on your pins in Pinterest to help with all your brand recognition and pinterest marketing for businesses and bloggers looking to grow their account. #pinconcierge #pinterestmarketing #pinterestforbusiness

E022 Pin Signature Style and Continuity

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