E020 Everything Food Conference mini-episode

E020 Everything Food Conference mini-episode

On today’s episode, Annette is sharing insights and strategies she picked up from several bloggers she met at Everything Food Conference 2019. It’s a phenomenal event where food influencers from all over the US (and even other countries!) come together to spend a weekend learning all the best in SEO, photography, video, business management, and more. Annette also attended a couple of Pinterest courses (more on that in a future episode!) and spent some time with her Pinterest mentor Kate Ahl.

In addition to the bloggers and classes at EFC, there were also great brands and vendors including a local churro company called San Diablo Churros. They make delicious stuffed churros, so naturally, we had to look up churros on Pinterest! Turns out, making churros at home isn’t going to happen for a lot of us because of the extruding and frying process (thank goodness for San Diablo Churros!), but don’t worry! We found this pin for Churro Chex Mix.

Follow and Pin our Peculiar Pins

But it was the way we found it that was most peculiar. It started with churros videos because we wanted to quickly see the cooking process.  The guided Pinterest search showed several choices and one was “Chex Mix.” Who can resist clicking on that?! The site Oh Sweet Basil has a recipe for churro flavored Chex mix. And guess what? I can make that at home. We’ll leave the stuffed churros to the professionals!

“It’s how pinners discover things on Pinterest—they go there for one thing

and trip into another.” --4:59

When content creators are asked what their top referring pins are, it usually results in one of three responses:

  • I know exactly what it is!

  • My VA would know!

  • No idea, I should really try harder at Pinterest…

 But being in tune with your leading Pinterest content is important for many reasons, no matter what kind of business you run. There is incredible variation in leading content for businesses—and secretly, we all like getting a little behind the scenes info! In our previous mini-episode for SNAP conference attendees, some bloggers had leading videos, some products, and others it was strategically planned leading pins. You can learn about those bloggers on Episode 18.

Enjoy this backend peak into a few food bloggers out from EFC 2019!

Rebecca Johnston of Devour Dinner creates easy-to-make recipes for busy families using common ingredients.

“I love that you have the visuals. When you search, you’re attracted to things based on the visuals that appeal to YOU. It helps you find the things you want.”

Find Rebecca on Pinterest to see everything she’s pinning!

Devour Dinner’s Top Pins are:

Instant Pot Refried Beans

Hawaiian Macaroni Salad

Amanda Sager of Mindful Avocado creates delicious vegan and vegetarian recipes for her readers.

“People just love the ‘eye candy’ type of pins.”

Find Amanda on Pinterest to see what she’s pinning!

Mindful Avocado’s Top Pins are:

Beth Le Manach of Entertaining With Beth creates recipes that are easy enough for entertaining but simple enough for a weeknight meal.

“I love the traffic from Pinterest. People are there to get ideas, so they’re already warmed up and pre-sold on your content.”

Find Beth on Pinterest to check out her latest recipes!

Entertaining With Beth’s Top Pin:

Beth’s Top Video Pins:

Letty Flatt of Letty’s Kitchen creates seasonal, whole-food, vegetarian recipes including healthier desserts with vegan and gluten-free options.

Find Letty on Pinterest to check out all the delicious recipes!

Top Pins on Letty’s Kitchen:

Michelle Boule of Cold Weather Comfort is a modern take on grandma’s stick-to-your-ribs comfort food recipes.

Her other site The Brooklyn Cook, which is no longer posting new content, is still alive and well and collecting passive revenue—thanks to Pinterest!

“I use Pinterest as a way to send traffic to a blog I’m no longer active on,

and I collect passive income!”

Top Pins for The Brooklyn Cook on Pinterest & Cold Weather Comfort on Pinterest are:

Hailey McKenna of Cooking and Cussing creates Southern-style cuisine. She describes it as comfort food classics remixed with fresh ingredients and made-from-scratch techniques. She’s like a Healthy Pioneer Woman!

Find Hailey on Pinterest to see what’s cooking!

Hailey’s Top Pins on Cooking and Cussing:

Huge thanks to these talented bloggers at EFC 2019 for sharing their pins with us and giving us some insight into what’s working well and helping them succeed!

Take a peak into the leading pins of bloggers attending Everything Food Conference. You might be surprised at what leads. #foodblogger #pinterestmarketing

E020: Everything Food Conference

3:14 Peculiar Pin

5:20 Rebecca Johnston | devourdinner.com

7:42 Amanda Sager | Mindful Avocado

8:50 Beth LeManach | Entertaining with Beth

11:40 Letty Flatt | Letty’s Kitchen

13:13 Michelle Boule | Cold Weather Comfort

17:42 Hailey McKenna | Cooking and Cussing

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