E004: Group Board Management

E004: Group Board Management

Group Boards, what are they, do you need them, should you join them.  We are talking all about this topic. Some pinterest account managers say they are a waste of time, other account managers swear by them.  Adrian Gentilcore is in the later group and came on the show to discuss her experience with Pinterest Group Boards. And prepare yourself, she and I don’t always agree.

Group Board Specialist

Adrian is the owner of AdriansCrazyLife.com, a lifestyle and budgeting blog, and HelpforNewBloggers.com, where she aids people with Pinterest, affiliate marketing and email campaigns.    Adrian has been managing Pinterest accounts for about 3 years now. She absolutely loves Pinterest and is a long time user. She has blogged lifestyle content for over 10 years and has seen many changes in the space in that time.  

What are group boards?

Group boards are a type of board you can have on your account that multiple people, often called collaborators, can pin to.  These boards are placed on every account that is submitting pins and shared with each of those accounts.

How are Group Boards Different from Communities?

Pinterest introduced a new feature in the summer of 2018 called “Communitities”.  This feature is available to all users and is akin to a facebook group or a subreddit.  It is administered by a user, but it’s supposed to be a place to converse. A group board is more a place to pin, less for commenting and back and forth conversation.

Annette and Adrian don’t feel communities are much value added to clients, but you can check them out by joining Annette’s Pinterest Tips from Pinterest Managers.  And if you want to see an example of a community that is active and that Annette mentioned in the podcast you can join The Harry Potter Club

IG Tip Tempalte.jpg

What are the advantages of group boards?

Adrian feels that group boards are a great for three many purposes.  Group boards give you more places to pin your content that fits with the contents topic, helps you gain followers more quickly and gives you more “real estate on Pinterest”.  If you have 10 group boards about a topic you now have 10 more places to pin your content. And all those places are on other accounts. So their followers are seeing it. She and Annette both love Tailwind for scheduling content.   

Also group boards can be a means of gaining followers faster than average on Pinterest.  Adrian feels that many of the 30K+ followers her account has come from people wanting to be on her group boards and the group boards being present on all those accounts.  This is best leveraged when you own the group boards.

Lastly Adrian uses board covers to get her branding on the Pinterest accounts of other users, namely all her contributors.  Board covers designed with her specific logo and information are, as she says, like a little piece of advertising on someone’s lawn.  So why not get that advantage.


How do find group boards to join & evaluate them?

Adrian advises that you make sure the group board is specific in a niche and that it doesn’t look like a bunch of spammy information and that pins comply with Pinterest Terms of Service.  Adrian. To get an idea of niched group boards you can apply for Adrian’s group boards.  But Adrian also recommends, you find a lead influencer in your market and you look at their account.  Check out what boards they belong to and see if there are any options to applying to join those boards.  But don’t just apply for anything evaluate the board to see that it has a topic, good submissions and that is appears managed (all the pins stay on topic and aren’t constant duplicates).  And the board should have rules of use.

Is Pinterest downgrading group boards?

Adrian says an emphatic, NO.  She hasn’t seen them hurt her account or those of her clients.  While Annette isn’t as avid a fan of group boards, she feels they still have a place.  Adrian’s marketing tactics still involve starting a group board and getting contributors.  She feels when her stats start to drop then she’ll take another tactic.

How many group boards vs personal boards should an account have?

It’s recommended by Adrian that 50% of your accounts boards be group boards.  And 4-6 of those boards should be owned by the account. At Pin Concierge we don’t focus on group board tactics and our clients have a much lower percentage than this.  

How do you manage group boards?

Annette feels group board management can be very time consuming, but Adrian has some tips about doing it.  First off create a google form for all those applying and make them fill it out. Put a link to it in the board description  Make the rules obvious on the board descriptions as well. Then check the board every couple weeks for any egregious breaches of protocols.  Adrian deleted contributors if they break rules, no warning. She also recommends banning any contributor, if their content breaks Pinterest Terms of Service.  Banning will remove the contributor’s content from the board. Removing the contributor leaves their pins, but they can no longer ad more.

TW Post Template.jpg

Smart Loops and Group Boards?

Once you reach the point you have a lot of group boards you’ll need a way to pin to all of them.  Adrian utilizes Tailwind’s smartloops feature. Adrian was a beta tester for Tailwind Tribes and Smartloops. These allow to you set pins to go out seasonally and allow the pins to keep pinning.  The smart loops feature allows you to set board rules to items don’t appear too frequently. She predominantly uses the feature for group boards and her money producing pins. Adrian warns that you can’t think of it as Boardbooster, it’s a different thing.  

Final tip

Adrian and Annette shared their tips for profile banners in the episode.

  • Always set the banner to your brand board NOT latest pins

  • Annette says use no-text images that are beautiful and give your brand’s color story well.

Adrian and Annette might not agree on how powerful group boards can, be they both agree they can be a part of a business’s Pinterest strategy.  If you think joining Adrian’s group boards would be good for your business you can find her at the following

Or you can get her Pinterest ebook all about how to monetize your Pinterest account.  Or her audit service which includes her ebook.  

Group Boards, do you need them in 2019? Adrian Gentilcore says, “YES” on this episode of our podcast we talk what they are what they can do and how much you should care. Plus our peculiar pin is Star trek Memes. #pinconcierge #pinterestforbusiness #pinterestmarketing

Group Boards, do you need them in 2019? Adrian Gentilcore says, “YES” on this episode of our podcast we talk what they are what they can do and how much you should care. Plus our peculiar pin is Star trek Memes. #pinconcierge #pinterestforbusiness #pinterestmarketing

E004: Managing Pinterest Group Boards

  • 2:05 Meet Adrian Gentilcore

  • 3:20 Peculiar Pin and unique boards

  • 6:10 What are group boards?

  • 8:30 Difference between group boards and communities

  • 12:00 How to evaluate and find a group board?

  • 16:55 Is Pinterest downgrading group boards?

  • 20:50 Bonus: Banner Tip

  • 25:12 Balance of Group and Personal Boards

  • 29:38 Recruiting and checking up on group boards

Peculiar Pin

Our Peculiar Pin this week is A Star Trek Meme about “The Trouble with Tribbles” you can find all the Peculiar Pins on our Pinterest Board “Peculiar Pins”

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