E017 Healthy Food Bloggers on Pinterest

E017 Healthy Food Bloggers on Pinterest

On today’s episode, Annette and guest host Lynora Dobry of Virtually Tasked chat about what healthy food bloggers should do in the Pinterest space. From images to seasonality to rich pins, we’re covering it all so you can hone your Pinterest skills and see better results for your clients. If you also work with travel (which often goes hand-in-hand with food) check out our podcast on Travel Content on Pinterest. And don’t miss this week’s Peculiar Pin—Bizarre State Laws (with a quiz!). Or Pin this episode to read later.

What Healthy Food Bloggers Should Do on Pinterest


Pinterest is a visual platform and if your images aren’t appealing, you won’t get repins.

Now, if you’re thinking, “But I’ve seen viral pins with bad photos!” Yes, it happens! But it’s rare and they are often pins that originated years ago. Beautiful photography just gets pinned more often. Simply put, you have to make people want to eat that recipe!

Even if your recipes are amazing and you have the best content on the internet, no one is going to pin your stuff if the photos aren’t on point.

To be a successful blogger on Pinterestes you MUST have beautiful mouth-watering images. The quality of your photography will make or break your Pinterest success. #pinterestmarketing

To add text or not to add text… what is the answer?

A lot of Pinterest managers have strong opinions about this based on their experience, but the best thing to do is BOTH and then test the pins! Lynora has one client who gets all her traffic from photos with text, and another who gets her traffic from photos withOUT text. It just depends, so do both and see what works for each client.

Seasonality of Food on Pinterest

We all know we should be pinning different types of food throughout the year, but what should be pinned when?


  • Salads

  • Side dishes

  • Brunch recipes for Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day

  • Green and colorful—asparagus, rhubarb, early veggies and fruit

  • Strawberries

Summer (there’s a lot of overlap with spring)

  • BBQs

  • Appetizers

  • Kid recipes (they’re home during summer vacation)

  • Salads, peaches, watermelon

Tips for getting your healthy food blog seen on Pinterest. When to pin things, what to expect from seasonality and the best image practices for a food blogger. #foodblogging #pinterestmarketing

Late Summer/Early Fall

  • Kid snacks

  • Family-friendly dinners

  • Soup

  • Crockpot (back-to-school)

Fall—Pumpkin, squash, carrots, turnips, casseroles

Halloween—start pinning early to mid-September


  • Healthier holiday recipes

  • Comfort food

  • Hearty meals

  • Healthy recipes

Thanksgiving and Christmas—start early, beginning of October for Thanksgiving, end of October for Christmas. Most of Lynora’s clients have a lot of content, so she starts early and spreads out the pins.

January—back on the diet recipes to fit New Year’s resolutions. Most people are trying to regain control after the holidays, so healthy recipes are BIG.

  • Smoothies

  • Salads

  • Healthy soups (veggie-based)

  • Healthy breakfasts you can grab on the go.

There’s typically a lull on Pinterest in January, but healthy food pinning stays strong, and for some clients, it’s even bigger than December.

The Typical Pattern

October — January is pretty steady, then in mid-February, it starts to dip. There’s usually a little spike for St. Patrick’s Day, then dips again until pinners are getting ready for swimsuit season. Slow pinning seasons are generally mid-February and mid-summer.

Rich Pins

The Debate: if you give away the ingredients/recipe in the pin, then nobody will go to your site.

If you worry about this and aren’t sure what to do, you’ll feel better after reading this post! We agree with Lynora’s take on rich pins.

First of all, if you are a massive blogger then people are going to your site anyway. But if you’re a normal, everyday blogger, rich pins actually enhance the user experience, which is always Pinterest’s goal. They want the audience to have an amazing, simple, user-friendly experience while they’re on the platform.

When it comes to recipes, most people will scan the ingredients to make sure it’s stuff their family likes, and then they’ll pin it. If that’s not available, they’ll quickly click over to the recipe to check the ingredients and then go back to Pinterest to pin it (or not), which means Pinterest will see it as content the user didn’t want because they clicked away so quickly. This also increases your bounce rate.

So while visits might go up, the bounce rate does too, and the user experience is not enhanced.

Case Study:

Annette had a client that did NOT have rich pins, and although that was the goal, it took about 2 months to set them up. During this time there was no traction on new content. However, once rich pins were enabled, everything changed and numbers went up!

“The user experience is clearly Pinterest’s goal.” --Lynora Dobry (24:54)

Pro Tip: Subtly expand your reach to the larger audience

If you are a vegetarian food blogger, you can add to the post/pin to make it apply to a more people. For example, if you have a vegetarian recipe, you can add a simple sentence like, “If you aren’t a vegetarian, add chicken!” That post now serves a large audience instead of a smaller niche.

Lynora’s advice for a business to get traction on Pinterest, especially if they’re just starting out?


  • Good keywords

What should food bloggers do with traffic from Pinterest?

  • Partner with health food (or other applicable) companies for sponsorships

  • Email list building

  • CTAs over different platforms to get back to Pinterest (including email newsletters!)

Food is the biggest niche on Pinterest, so if you can optimize your pins and capture more traffic, the potential for growth is incredible! Use the tips from this post (and others on this blog) to grow your platforms and increase your authority!

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