E33 How to Audit a Pinterest Profile

On today’s episode Annette explains how to audit a Pinterest account—whether it’s your own or a client’s. If you are new to setting up a Pinterest account, be sure to read this article first to learn how to avoid the common mistakes many people make. We’ll also be discussing keywords, so if you need a refresher there, please read this article

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Before We Dive In

It’s important to know that, just as a great Facebook page or Instagram profile is necessary, it doesn’t mean you’ll see instant success and explode your following. You must be active on the platform! For Pinterest, this means active pinning, new images, and utilizing your analytics.

Auditing Your Account

An audit should not be a one-time event for your Pinterest account. Here at Pin Concierge, we audit our client accounts annually because we create boards that may not work out, clients may pivot content, Pinterest may change in ways that require us to adjust, and—most of all—data from analytics should be evaluated to decide if new boards or new focuses need to be made. This is also a good time to pull back and take a higher level view of your account to see if your overall goals are seeing progress.

What To Look For In An Audit

Our audits consist of several important components that make a significant difference to your account. They include

  • Profile

  • Boards

  • Pins

  • Pinterest to website connections

This may sound simple, but there’s a lot of information that goes into each of these components, so we’ll be breaking up the information into shorter, more actionable pieces for you over a series of podcasts. Today we’ll cover how to audit and optimize your PROFILE.

Pinterest lets you pick a board for your profile banner, but defaults to “Latest Pins” Don’t let that happen.

Profile Basics

Your profile isn’t the main Pinterest page you see after you log in (you’ll see your home feed also called the smart feed). When you click over to your profile page you’ll see a banner, your profile image, tabs underneath that, and then you‘ll see featured boards, latest pins, etc. as you scroll down the page.

If you need to make any changes to your account, enter your settings (three dots in the top right corner).

Is your name showing as your business name? It should be your brand name, not your website. Most people can get about 35 characters in there (although for some it’s only 20), so adding a keyword there may be possible. 

EXAMPLE:  Pinteresting Website (NOT pinterestingwebsite.com)

KEYWORD EXAMPLE: Pinteresting Website | Vintage Decor

Brand name should always appear first! If you can’t fit a keyword in because your name is too long, you should still stick with your brand name.

What To Do With Your Profile Photo

Have you ever wondered if you should use your brand logo or personal photo as your profile image? This is a tough one to decide for some people! Here at Pin Concierge we’ve observed that it doesn’t really matter which one you choose as long as it matches what your business does. 

If you are your brand, use your own picture because it will perform better! If you are NOT your brand, then it’s best to use your company logo. Make this profile image consistent across all your social media accounts!

Claim Your Website

Not sure if your website has been claimed? Check below your profile image. If the small world symbol has a checkmark on it, then your website has been claimed and you don’t need to do anything else as far as claiming your site.

Claiming your site is important because every time someone pins something from your website, Pinterest will know that it came from your site. Only one website can be claimed on your account, but pins from subdomains will be credited to your account.

If you haven’t claimed your site, go to Claim in your settings to set it up.

Claim YouTube, Instagram, & Etsy

This is a fairly new feature and if you have these accounts, we recommend claiming them. If anyone pins anything from these accounts, you want it to be associated with your Pinterest account! It will add some rich pin data as well as some analytics.

Profile Description

Your profile description should contain your major keywords and your sub-major keywords (these keywords should reflect what your business is about). Get as many keywords in as you can using natural language. The character limit has varied over the years, but is typically around 120-160. If you have room for a call to action, then be sure to add that in at the end (e.g. Get free DIY tutorials on the website!). Do NOT use URLs because they aren’t clickable (and, honestly, no one is going to go to the effort of retyping it).


The banner can display two different options for your account.

  1. Choose a board and only those pins will appear (yes!)

  2. Most recent pins (no!)

Please choose a board with only your brand’s content! To go the extra mile, create a board specifically for your profile banner. Include vertical images (with no text) from your website that represent your brand on this board and set the banner to that board. The Modern Proper is a great example of how to do this well.

New since this podcast: Pinterest has been rolling out and testing video profile banners. You can see a great example on the Target account.

You can change your banner settings by clicking the pencil icon in the top right corner of your banner (you must be logged into your Pinterest account).

Note: vertical images are a must because even though it will display square or horizontal images, they will stretch or crop to fit the vertical space, which means they’ll appear distorted. The ideal ratio for vertical pins is 2:3.

How Valuable Is Your Profile?

Only about 1% of Pinterest users will actually look at your profile, but this is a unique audience that’s really interested in the content you’re offering, so making sure your profile is set up correctly will help turn cold traffic into warm leads.

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E033 How To Audit A Pinterest Profile

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16:15 The Value of Your Profile


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