How to Get into the Pinterest Home Feed

How to Get into the Pinterest Home Feed

Pinterest is one of the strongest traffic referral social platforms out there.  While Facebook and Instgram want to keep you in their ecosystem, Pinterest is interested in helping you find what you want to create and discover.  For this reason online businesses everywhere want to be in on Pinterest and in front of its users. But how do you get in the Smart Feed of Pinterest, so customers can be found and referrals given to your business website

What is the Pinterest Smart Feed?

In short the Pinterest Smart Feed is the Home Feed.  That thing you see first when you log in. That’s the smart feed.  There is no way to bypass it. That is why it is so powerful. It’s the default search area for EVERY Pinterest user.  

Do I want my pins in the Pinterest Smart Feed?

Yes you do!  The smart feed is the most powerful place for your to capture a followers attention or a new follower.  It isn’t the only feed you want your pins to be found in. There are actually another 3-4 feeds that you want to optimize your pins for.  You can read about the all the other feeds in our post, “The 4 feeds of Pinterest” --some are as simple as including a word, so don’t miss out on the low-hanging fruit on some of these less visited by still used feeds.

How does Pinterest fill the Smart Feed?

In truth no one knows exactly how Pinterest fills the smart feed.  That’s part of the whole proprietary algorithm of social media. But Pinterest has been more forth coming than many about what it likes and doesn’t like.  In fact the Pinterest engineering blog enlightens us a great deal about how it is picking pins for your smart feed and how it matches them up.   

The Pinterest Smart feed is the home feed, like in the example of's Smart Feed

The Pinterest Smart feed is the home feed, like in the example of's Smart Feed

The simplest way to explain how they fill a users smart feed is:  They put what a user follows with, what’s related to their pins with pins from the same interest groups and then some ads (you can’t forget that Pinterest is an ad revenue platform, ever!).  I like to think of your Smart Feed as:

  • ⅓ pins from people you follow with similar interests

  • ⅓ pins that you don’t follow but Pinterest thinks you will like based on your search and repins

  • ⅓ ads target to your interest categories

These are NOT exact ratios, but it help a business realize that the only guarantee into the Smart Feed is by purchasing ads and targeting your customer’s interests.  (Remember ad revenue platform) But don’t worry Pin Concierge has tips for Promoted Pins also.

Thankfully there are 2 areas that can be enhanced by organic growth.  

How do I get my pins into the Pinterest Smart Feed?

First thing you need to know there is no guarantee beyond ads to get into people’s smart feed.  But the following are best practices endorsed by Pinterest or that we have seen work for our clients that get your pins into Smart Feeds and discovered.  There are 4 major things a business can work with to get in the Smart Feed

  • Images

  • Keywords

  • Domain Authority

  • Pinner Quality



Images are the first thing Pinterest catalogs from your pin.  A very crude visual search is done. You’ll know how crude it you ever do a visual search on a pin you just pinned for the first time.  You will get some of the craziest connections (like your pin has a human hand holding food therefore it’s just like all the green nail polish pins).  

Images have another powerful feature --they attract the eye.  Beautiful images are what Pinterest users are on Pinterest for.  If they wanted to look at text they’s be on google search. So take a photography course, use your own original photography and make sure you optimize that image for Pinterest

Use vertical images in a 2:3 ratio (600 pixels x 900 pixels is recommended by Pinterest).  Make sure those images have some form of text overlay. Descriptions are read only after a pinner knows what the pin is about --silly but true.  So tell them in 3-5 words or less on your image what the post is about.

Use multiple images.  Now that used to mean put lots of images on one pin.  With Pinterest shortening pins to 600x900 we are hard pressed to get several beautiful images on a pin without making it look too busy.  So now this means--MAKE MULTIPLE PINS. You should have a product pin and an image pin for every post you make. Or you should have a branded image and hero image pin for every post.  Multiple pins that are great quality images makes a huge difference.

And a side tip, if you want to get ahead in the visual search you want to have similar layouts to your Pins.  If you always take a food shot with the bowl cut off half way on the left side. Make sure to take that kinds of image for all your food posts when possible.  (see the crude visual scan at the beginning -you can help Pinterest connect your pins quicker).


Keyword your Pins.  This helps most with search, but keywords tell Pinterest what your post is about and in turn Pinterest shares your pin with people who have searched those keywords in the past or repinned images with similar keywords. Finding keywords in Pinterest is easy, knowing if the competition is high isn’t so simple to find out (sorry no The Hoth or Moz search for Pinterest--but those will help because a Google Keyword is a likely a Pinterest keyword).  

Where do you put your keywords on Pinterest Pins?

  • Post title (it’s pulled in your rich pin)
  • Pin Description (every pin needs one)

  • URL (this is basic google SEO)

  • Text overlay (users read pins then descriptions)

  • Board name (Pinterest catalogs the board names and matches it with pins)

Domain Authority

This is how good is your website.  Do pinners go from Pinterest to your site and back really fast? That’s not good, because it means your Pins aren’t leading them the the information they wanted.  But good keyword above will help with that.

Open a Business account on Pinterest.  It tells Pinterest about what your are.  And they will catalog your pins better.

Claim your website on Pinterest.  If you connect your website and Pinterest again you are signally Pinterest that this is a real site and people are managing it’s content.  

Get Rich Pins.  This feature is only available to claimed websites.  It will pull extra metadata that Pinterest’s algorithm can then use to serve your pins up to users.  This is especially important if you have products. One of the rich pins options is product pins. Search results can be filtered by “product pins”  so you want your products showing up there.

Rich Pins give Pinterest additional  meta data about your pin like recipes and product information

Rich Pins give Pinterest additional  meta data about your pin like recipes and product information

Consistently Pin from your website, but not too much.  This will keep your account activity positive and tells Pinterest your site is making fresh content.  Pinterest likes fresh content. --Don’t stress “fresh content” in the Pinterest system is a pin with a new description, or a new Pin image or a new blog post with a new image.  It just means something that wasn’t pinned before.

Pinner Quality

This is how good a member of the Pinterest community is your business account.  Do you only pin your stuff, only other people’s stuff? Again pinning consistently is important here.  Daily pinning like our Concierge do it the most important way to tell Pinterest you love their platform.  And it’s ok to schedule it.

But don’t just schedule your pins.  Get on Pinterest regularly and repin stuff.  Pinterest says that for individual pins schedule or repin is treated the same.  But there are key things you learn being on the platform. What is trending? What is Pinterest associating with your account?  Follow people in your niche? Share things in your niche. It all helps you be a good community member.

Again don’t repin your content, make it fresh.  Pinterest in fact doesn’t allow you to repin your own content anymore.  And there’s good reason for that --what a wasteful fill of the algorithm.  People could just repin over and over and the next thing you know that’s all that’s out there.  This is a key reason that some pin scheduling programs have closed up shop (i.e Board Booster) they were just a repinning program.  

So it might seem complicated and it will take time and consistency, but in the end your get int eh Pinterest Smart Feed by being smart and

  • Making beautiful vertical images

  • Keywording your pins effectively

  • Keeping your domain authority on the strong side

  • Being a good member of the pinterest community


You will get in follow smart feeds and eventually into non-follower smart feeds and before you know it you will be a trending pin.  It just takes some time and consistent pinning which our concierge can help you with if you would rather spend time creating your products..which is what you are good at.


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