E008: How to Market Travel Content on Pinterest

E008: How to Market Travel Content on Pinterest

On this episode, Annette and guest host Katie Hart from Create Wherever talk about how to market travel content on Pinterest. They’ll chat about best practices and tips for making the most of your pinning. Scroll to the end of the post for this week’s peculiar pin—it might be just what you’re looking for, especially if you’re an introvert who loves to travel!

Travel On Pinterest

Travel is different from other content on Pinterest because it usually takes more planning (weddings would be similar in this regard).. There’s a broad range of pinners, however, from the hopeful dreamers to the person trying to find a place to eat in Istanbul. About half of travel pinners are inspirational (planning that dream vacation) and the other half is practical (looking for tips to entertain kids on a road trip).

Make sure your travel posts focus on locations for pinners. They are usually searching by destination.

Marketing on Pinterest:

People often visit just one general area when they travel, so focus on location-based pinning. Words that are specific to a country are helpful because people start to get really specific when they’re planning a trip to a certain area.

Pinterest Travel Personalities

Pinterest has identified 5 main personality types when it comes to travel. These are incredibly helpful for creating content because you can really niche down on your topic and provide valuable content for your audience. The 5 personality types are:

  1. Spa sojourner

  2. Culture chaser

  3. The eating explorer

  4. Group vacationer

  5. Adventure lover

Travel Bloggers need to share their content on pinterest in the way that best fits the seasonality of the locations they write about. Travel ideas start early and that means you need to pin it all early #travelmarketing #pinterest

Seasonality of travel content:

Travel is seasonal in most areas, so it’s important to be aware of what’s in season when it comes to pinning. The US and Europe tend to drive travel content, so be mindful of that when you’re pinning content. Some areas can support travel all year, but most will follow a pattern that should be reflected in what you pin.

What are people pinning this time of year as far as travel?
People are planning summer vacations right now!

What to pin in the Summer/Fall?

Niche down on specific content—that’s when people are searching for what they want to do right now. Planning period is very short, so content that can be used right away is relevant.

What to pin in Fall/Winter?

Fall—preparing for Christmas vacations.

Ski content spikes after Christmas, as most ski trips are typically January-March.

Evergreen Content to pin at regular intervals:

  • What to pack

  • Cheap flights

  • Tips & Tricks for Hotels

To text overlay or to not text overlay? Often asked. Here’s why you might want to consider or reconsider you pinterest images for travel. #travelonPinterest #Pinterestmarketing

Travel and images:

Travel has a unique image situation. People love images with no text, and they will pin it...but not click on it. You can have a viral pin that does nothing for you because people just want to save the pretty image. They won’t click through.

Text on images is better for click-through rates!

But… don’t let text destroy your beautiful image. Let the image shine by making sure the text doesn’t overtake it—less than a third of the pin image should be text.

Text should include:

  • Location (if it’s obscure, add enough detail to tell people where it is—not necessary with a city like Paris).

  • Include a pin for the “personality type” your pin is for. Is it a guide to hiking in Norway? Spa day in London? Give them a reason to pin it because they’ll know why it matters to them.

How to make one trip into many blog posts for your travel blog.

Mistakes made by travel accounts:

  • Not dividing content into “chunks” and keeping it in one big post. One big guide is okay, but segment it into smaller, less overwhelming chunks so people can easily find what they’re looking for. This also creates more content to pin, which is always a plus!

  • Instagram vs. Pinterest (don’t treat Pinterest like IG). People want information along with their inspiration when they go to Pinterest. IG is really geared more toward inspiration rather than planning.

  • Not recycling content. Don’t pin it and forget about it! Keep content cycling through your boards, keeping seasonality in mind.

Travel is relevant all year long, and you can make the most of it by following Katie’s clever tips and tricks.

E8: How to Market Travel Content on Pinterest

2:57  Peculiar Pin

5:13 Travel on Pinterest

10:28 Pinterest Travel Personalities

11:29 Seasonality of Travel

15:33 Images

19:45 Mistakes made by Travel Accounts: Content Presentation / Instagram vs. Pinterest / Not Recycling Content

25:30 Overview of Tips and Tricks for Travel Content

Easily market your travel blog on Pinterest with these scheduling and content creation tips. #pinterestmarketing #travelblogging

Peculiar Pin: This week’s Peculiar Pin is “The Traveling Introvert Podcast,” a podcast dedicated to introvert travel. Can you relate? Comment on our pin! You can find all the Peculiar Pins on our Pinterest Board “Peculiar Pins.”

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