E007: How to Set Up a Pinterest Account

E007: How to Set Up a Pinterest Account

On today’s episode, Annette is taking you through the process of what to do after you open a Pinterest account and how to optimize it. Know the right way to open accounts for your clients!

Note: images are an important part of your Pinterest strategy, but separate from today’s topic. Tips for creating great Pinterest images can be found here.

 Basics: How To Open a Pinterest Account for Your Client

1. Determine the TWO major keywords your client needs to show up for in search

Open a Pinterest business account is only the first step. You need to set it up correctly with the right keywords and the right boards. Here’s how #pinterestmarketing #pinconcierge

Know the search terms your audience might use (i.e. dress vs. gown or soda vs. pop). You want it to be as general and broad as possible while still representing the brand.

What if you have a product and NOT content? You still need keywords to show up in search!

Example: You sell wedding dresses, and you specialize in Boho style. Use those words to show up in search! Boho Wedding Dress or Boho Wedding Gown would be a great place to start. Use the adjectives that apply to your products.

2. Choose a Username

Come up with something that represents your brand—the company name is best!

3. Profile Settings (the gear button)

  • Choose the name that will appear on your profile (this is the bolded name on your profile, NOT your username!). This should be your brand name and, if possible, get one of your keywords in!

Pinterest Pro Tip: The desktop version limits your profile name to 30 characters, but you can usually get more than that on mobile!

  • Site description (include your keywords!). You can get up to 2 sentences here. Try adding a bit.ly link if you have something to offer your audience. It’s no longer linkable, so it’s not a big priority.

  • Link your other social accounts, including YouTube, Instagram, and Etsy. If you are a VA setting up a client account, try to get your client to do this, as the verification texts will create a headache if you are the middleman.

  • Claim Your Website (this is important!). This creates a clickable link directly below your profile name that goes to your website. It also provides additional analytics plus audience information for promoted pins. A line of code is required, Wordpress with the Yoast Plug in makes this simple. And Squarespace just requires a connection!

You can also send this code to your web developer (send the metatag). Pinterest has additional information about how to claim your website on the Help pages.

  • Add your location if you’re a local business. If you don’t have a physical location, just skip this!

Creating a beautiful banner is a great way to “brand” your pinterest profile when people visit your account page.

4. Profile Appearance

Make sure your name and description show up the way you want.

Profile Banner: the banner pulls pins from one specific board and displays them on your profile. This can be set up to pull the latest pins you’ve pinned, but DON’T DO THIS!! You want to display your own pins, not other people’s pins, so pull it from a board you set up to pin just your own content. I suggest naming this board “Profile Company Name” and insert your company name. This creates your own branded look on your Pinterest account.

Pinterest Pro Tip: use images that are a ratio of 2:3. If you don’t, Pinterest will distort your image to fit this ratio! Don’t use text or branding code on these images, just beautiful images of your products.

5. Creating Boards

Start with 10 boards (don’t worry, you’ll create more later!)

Pinterest Pro Tip: How to name and create boards: incorporate your keywords in your board title and descriptions! These are cataloged by Pinterest, so it’s important to include them.

Use 10 boards to start your account on Pinterest
  • 2 boards should be only YOUR content and products (one should be text-free images for your profile banner). If you have a shop, one board should be pins that link to your shop. You can do up to 4 boards with your own content, for a total of 12 boards to start.

  • 6 boards should be the 3 most popular types of things your account should be known for that any content about those things can be pinned. For example, if you sell boho wedding dresses, your boards may be named Summer Wedding Dresses, Strapless Wedding Gowns, Unique Boho Wedding Dresses, Off-White Boho Wedding Gowns, Boho Wedding Dresses, Casual Wedding Dresses, etc.

  • Last 2 boards should be complementary and broad spectrum. They may not contain information about your brand, but it’s content your brand (and specifically your brand’s audience) cares about. Examples include Wedding Dress Shopping Tips, Wedding Planning Tips, Summer Wedding Planning, Boho Wedding Colors, Boho Wedding Groomsmen, Wedding Tips & Ideas, etc.

Pinterest Pro Tip: the complementary boards are necessary to 1) build keywording and understanding of your account and 2) you have to pin other people’s content (it can’t be just about you!) and you need a place to put that.

Board Descriptions

Board descriptions should be 1-2 sentences, including lots of keywords. Use Pinterest’s search bar to find the words they prompt you to search when you begin typing your keywords.

Check for hashtags. Add at least 1 (but not more than 2) hashtags at the end of your description.

Fill your board with pins!

  • Make sure your pins are keyworded well.

  • Pin at least 10 pins per board. You will continue pinning in the future, but 10 is a great place to start for a new account.

  • How to know a pin is keyworded the way you want: click on a pin you already know and trust. Copy the URL and paste it into a different browser that has is NOT logged into Pinterest. It will give you a “Pinterest Lead Page.” You will see little boxes of what the pin is keyworded and associated with. If the boxes don’t contain the most relevant keywords you want, it’s not a good pin to start with. You need your first pins to signal to Pinterest what goes on your boards. We use other people’s pins because they are already cataloged (except for your brand boards, those will contain ONLY your content). This tells Pinterest what your boards are about.

  • Pinterest likes a more organic process with board creation. They want you to create a board based on a pin, not the other way around. This gives Pinterest more information about what you’re doing. However, both options of board creation are totally acceptable (create the board first and then fill with pins vs. create boards based on actual pins).

  • Make sure your pins are vertical and highly relevant to that board.

Pinterest Pro Tip: before you start pinning, follow the leaders in your niche, they are trusted sources of information. Then follow anyone that you know and trust.

6. Group Boards

There are varying opinions about group boards. I personally don’t prefer them, but they work well for others.

If you choose to participate in group boards, make sure they are very niched and specific, with sources you trust (not just random people you’ve found).

For more information about making group boards work for you, check out episode 4 with Adrienne Gentilcore!

Next Steps For Utilizing Pinterest:

  1. Be on Pinterest daily (this will be part of your Pinterest strategy)

  2. Create beautiful images to pin

  3. Consider promoted pins, as organic growth has limitations

Creating Pinterest accounts for your clients doesn’t have to be complicated, but does need to be purposeful. Use these tips and tricks to start out on the right foot for a successful Pinterest experience!

Let’s connect!

E007: How To Set Up Your Pinterest Account


1:30  Peculiar Pin

3:30  Basics: how to open a Pinterest Account / Keywords / Search

8:00  Username / Profile Settings (name, site description, link accounts, claim website, add location)

15:00 Profile Appearance (profile banner)

17:03 Creating Boards

24:33 Board Descriptions / Pinning Content

30:14 Group Boards, Next Steps


Peculiar Pin: This week’s Peculiar Pin is “Uninspirations,” hilarious ways to give up on your resolutions. You can find all the Peculiar Pins on our Pinterest Board “Peculiar Pins.”

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