E001: Is Pinterest a Good Fit For Your Business?

E001: Is Pinterest a Good Fit For Your Business?

What Businesses Should be on Pinterest?

The short answer most businesses.  The long answer is the rest of this podcast, to help you determine if it’s a good fit for your business.

What is Pinterest?

It’s a visual search engine.  It is not an engagement platform.  This is a seeker platform. People go there for information or have a problem solved.  On Pinterest people are looking to inspired?

Annette Quotes a Pinterest rep here.  That reps full webinar can be found at: Pinterest for Business on YouTube

Who is on Pinterest?

  • 250 million active users per month

  • 1 in 2 Millenials are on Pinterest

  • Majority of users are 25-35, but there are many users through babyboomers

  • About 65% of users are female and many have children so they are purchase decision makers.

  • Pinners report that they purchase based on Promoted Pins (ads)

What businesses have been successful on Pinerest?

Pinterest shares lots of success stories on their website.  Some of note to learn from: Lil’ Luna, Simple Mills,  Fly Away Blue Jay

You can gleen tips for promoted pins effectiveness and ways businesses have used Pinterest to build their sales or website traffic.

But you can also see that many atypical businesses do well on Pinterest like: Pet Insurance plans and Financial Services.

Ways a Business can use Pinterest?

Being a Creator

Create content and information for users. These are things like blogger websites.  Then with the inspiring content pinners find your content and then come to your site via an organic process.

Be a Seller

This is using Pinterest in a more traditional advertising method.  Pinterest has a captured audience of users and you pay to advertise for brand awareness and referral traffic.  

Be a Creator and Be a Seller

This is the best combination for brands on Pinterest.  Ecommerce sites can have pins for their products but creating content that answers FAQs or inspires pinners on how to use the products leads to the most success.  So adding blog posts and more information will help your business grow.


What needs to be done to be successful on Pinterest as a small business?

You must have a website or place for people to go when they come from the Pinterest.  And that website needs content that inspires the pinners. For example, a wedding photographer can share the gorgeous photos they take and then have website content to help the pinner know things like, “What photos to take at your wedding”  “How to be photo ready all day” etc.

For success you need to have BEAUTIFUL images!  Original images are best, but stock images can be used. These images need to be optimized to Pinterest, meaning vertical pins.  And pins that allow pinners to see themselves in that image. For more tactics on beautiful images check out the 10 tips for Images.

Have a great opt-in.  This is a freebie given in exchange for an email.  Pinners are super early in the search process, so they are bouncing.  But you can offer great content in the form of printable PDF and then the pinner will share their email with you.  Then the pinner can be retargeted via email campaigns. Other optins include coupon offers, ebooks and printables.

Make an ad.  Organic growth is possible, but it is a slow process and will take months.  If you want quicker results you can promote that opt in and gives your product the chance to be in front of other users for new leads.  For example while looking for DIY home fragrances and ad appeared for a Home filter subscription service. Guess what? Your host signed up.  It’s FIlter Easy if you are curious.  

Cross promote with other social platforms

So these are the things you to ask yourself if your business is a good fit for Pinterest:

Are you willing to be on the platform regularly?

Do you have a website with landing pages and opt-ins?

Do you have gorgeous images or are willing to get them made?

Do you sell to women and families?

Do you have opt-ins and willing to retarget the leads?

Pinterest is probably a good fit for your business, but it requires a different paradigm of approach.  It’s slow and it’s not like other social media.

Pinterest can be a great choice for many businesses. There are some questions you need to ask yourself if your business is willing to be on Pinterest. #pinterestforbusiness #pinterstmarketing #pinconcierge

E1: Is Pinterest a Good Fit For Your Business?

  • 0:39 Podcast Peculiar Pin

  • 2:23 What is Pinterest?

  • 5:48 Who is on Pinterest?

  • 9:15 What businesses are already on Pinterest?  Pinterest Success stories

  • 15:24 Ways Businesses are successful on Pinterest?

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