E006: Easily Manage Multiple Pinterest Accounts With Google Profiles

E006: Easily Manage Multiple Pinterest Accounts With Google Profiles

On this episode, Annette and guest host Melissa Sasser of Polished Tasks talk about how to manage multiple Pinterest accounts with Google Profiles. Simplify your life and business with this quick, easy, and money-saving hack!

Pinterest VA Hack: Use Google Profiles to manage multiple accounts quickly and easily.

Why Google Chrome Profiles?

Google Chrome Profiles can be used to easily manage multiple Pinterest accounts, even if your clients don’t live in the same country as you! This isn’t just simple to do, it will also save you time (which is kind of like making money!).

Melissa happened upon this game-changing hack after spending a lot of time and frustration trying to log in and out of multiple client Pinterest accounts every day in her work as a Virtual Assistant. She needed a solution to avoid all that wasted time signing out, logging in, and looking for passwords.

Enter Google Chrome Profiles. It’s as easy as clicking on any client’s profile and you will already be logged in to any account of theirs to which you already have access (Pinterest, Tailwind, etc.).

How To Do It

In Chrome, click the three vertical dots in the top right corner. Select “Manage People” and add additional Chrome Profiles. Do this for every Pinterest client you have—it can be done for as many client profiles as you’d like!

For detailed instructions to set up Google Profiles for client work, visit Melissa’s site for a convenient PDF download!

Managing multiple Pinterest accounts is hard as a Pinterest VA. But creating Google Profiles for individual clients can save you time.

Melissa prefers to create a “dummy” Google account to toggle back and forth easily. This means each Google Profile has its own Google Drive, which is a convenient place to store spreadsheets and other information specific to each client! This is especially helpful for storing large files—like Pinterest images! This can save you money as well, because you won’t have to purchase additional storage for clients’ digital files.

One thing to be aware of: if you add a lot of client profiles, Google will eventually limit how many “dummy” accounts you can create using the same cell phone number (for verification). So far Melissa hasn’t had a problem borrowing a family member’s phone number for this.

Added Bonus! This is a convenient way to manage all client accounts, but especially clients outside of the United States! In the U.S. the Pinterest URL ends in .com, but it other countries you’ll see .au, .ca, etc. Trying to access other countries’ versions of Pinterest can cause technical issues with logging in—and even pinning! Using Google Profiles to navigate the different accounts will eliminate this problem altogether!

Since Melissa discovered this amazing Pinterest hack, there hasn’t been a single client she hasn’t added because it works seamlessly for each account and makes life so much easier!

Bonus! Pro Tips to Simplify Gmail

Gmail Tabs: add a tab for each client and store all communication there for easy access to all of their emails.

Mail Track: free/paid versions. Lets you know when someone has read your email and how many times they’ve read your email.

If you’d like to hang out with Melissa online, check her out at

Please Note: The instructions in this post are specific to Google Chrome. If you’ve used this strategy in another browser, leave a comment and let us know!

If you are Pinterest Virtual Assistant this hack will save you time with mulitple accounts. Create Google Profiles for each client! #pinterestVA #pinterestforbusiness

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6:43 Why Do you need Google Profiles?

9:50 Using Profiles for clients in other countries

12:42 Setting up a Google Profile

14:40 Using Drive with Profiles

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22:18 other Gmail and google hacks

28:57 short comings of Google Profiles


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