E003: Pinterest Audience Insights

E003: Pinterest Audience Insights

In this episode of The Pin Concierge Podcast we are talking all about Audience Insights within Pinterest analytics with Nicole Saunders of SaundersSays.com.  She is a fellow graduate of Kate Ahl’s, Visual Marketing Specialist program and runs her own Pinterest management agency out of Charlotte, NC.  

Recently Nicole wrote an article for Tailwind about the Audience Insights.  She is going to share more about this lesser known feature in Pinterest Analytics

At the time of recording this feature was available on almost all Pinterest accounts.  But it was still labeled “Early Access” by Pinterest, meaning your business account may not have it yet.  

Nicole’s background is in art and design and she comes to the Pinterest management space having previously been a teacher in high education.  The visual quality of Pinterest appeals to her.

What is Pinterest Audience Insights?

The audience insights gives an affinity score of your audience on pinterest.  This affinity score is how more likely your audience is to be interested in a topic than the average Pinterest user.  It also contains data about the gender, age and location of your audience.

How do you use the Audience Insights information?

There are 3 key ways you can use the Pinterest’s Audience insights for your website.

  • Plan content creation

  • Target ad groups

  • Understand your audiences age range, device usage and locations

Content Creation

Look at the affinity scores to help you create and give a slant to your content creation. Nicole gave the example the she is a Pinterest marketer, but her pinterest account audience has a higher than average affinity in financial interests.    Nicole said she doesn’t currently create financial content, nor does she plan to, but she can market her content toward a more budget conscious customer avatar. For example, Pinterest for boot-strapped ventures.

TW Post Template.jpg

Targeting Ads

Audience insight data is also helpful when determining how to target a promoted pins.  The targeted keywords can be aimed at your audiences affinity. For example, a product may be strong in the DIY category in Pinterest, but your brand wants people to buy a pre-made version.  Looking at audience insights you can get a feel for what complimentary keywords would interest your potential customers and target those in your ad campaign. Or you can use the affinity information to target your ad about Pinterest marketing to say, “how to get free brand recognition on Pinterest”

Know Your Audience Age, Gender etc.

Lastly you can use the insights page as a good gauge if you are reaching your target market. Nicole thought her audience would be older than they were and was surprised that the audience was large at a younger age and fell steadily at they got older.  So not a bell curve for her. This is important to know as you consider what products to expand to and how to render those products to interest customers and clients.

What can’t Pinterest Audience insights do?

While this feature is new and has lots of powerful aspects, Nicole and Annette realize there are some shortcomings.  It isn’t as complete a picture as Google Analytics. And we always recommend google analytics as your ultimate source for analytics information about your website.  But some businesses don’t have a website or you want to be able to dig deeper into what’s specifically happening with your pinterest audience, so audience insights does have value  Nicole would like Pinterest to make this data available on her mobile device in the app. It’s hard to use on the go. In fact any of the promoted pins or analytics on mobile would be a great addition.   

E3 Pinterest Audience Insights FB.jpg

Annette wants Pinterest to make audience insights exportable.  While recording Nicole noticed that the feature for exporting audience insight data is now available.  So check it out in your Pinterest analytics: From your Pinterest business account (on desktop) click Account Ads>Audience Insights.  You’ll see the export option in the upper right corner.

It’s also important to note that this information includes your entire audience, whether they interacted with just your website pins, with pins you pinned from other sources or mixture of both.

How often should you look at Audience Insights Data?

Nicole said she checks the information once per month for her clients.  This information is used to help give her clients content planning ideas and suggestions that should be successful on Pinterest.  She stresses that the most important thing is to find a way to apply the affinity of your audience to your future content creation, always looking two months out for those life moments and events that content can be linked to on Pinterest.  Nicole also recommends looking at the compare tab. This shows the entire Pinterest audience.

Using Audience Insights is an advanced analytics tactic and you’ll want to get to know Pinterest Analytics first.  

Read Nicole’s Tailwind article “Audience Insights and How I Use Them” for even more information and find all her social media links on her website SaundersSays.com

Pinterest’s Audience Insights can help you direct content creation and target your ad campaigns. Read and listen about how to use this Pinterest Analytics tool to improve your Pinterest account’s reach and effect. #pinterestmarketing #pinterestforbusiness #pinconcierge

Pinterest’s Audience Insights can help you direct content creation and target your ad campaigns. Read and listen about how to use this Pinterest Analytics tool to improve your Pinterest account’s reach and effect. #pinterestmarketing #pinterestforbusiness #pinconcierge

E3:Pinterest Audience Insights

  • 1:04 Meet Nicole
  • 2:24 The Peculiar Pin (see the pin below)
  • 4:14 What is Audience Insights?
  • 11:26 Where to find Pinterest Audience Insights
  • 12:41 the shortcomings of Insights
  • 15:20 using the location of audience analytics
  • 21:50 Comparing your audience to the whole Pinterest Audience

Peculiar Pin

The peculiar pin for today’s Podcast was Adult Ballet Lessons” You can see all the Peculiar Pins by following our Pinterest Board, ”Pinterest | Peculiar Pins”

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