E028 Best Pinterest Courses to Take

E028 Best Pinterest Courses to Take

On today’s episode, Annette reviews various Pinterest marketing courses—what she likes, what she doesn’t like, and what she really thinks of them—so you can find the one that will best fit your needs as you continue learning more about the “introvert’s platform.” And don’t miss today’s Peculiar Pin—Pringles Rings! It’s a fun STEM challenge that’s also a fantastic boredom buster for kids. Another great reminder that teachers really are the best. Check it out!

As an “e-course junkie” Annette has tried a lot of Pinterest marketing courses because, “I always believe someone has a piece of knowledge I don’t have, and I want to learn as much as I can. I just enjoy fact-finding! I’m a ‘maximizer’ (which you can hear all about in episode 10), but that essentially means I want to know everything I possibly can about something.”

This post does NOT include every course she’s taken, just the ones that she feels would be the most interesting and valuable to you. In fact, we are not promoting one course over another here—any courses Annette didn’t feel were valuable enough to include were purposely left out so you could focus on the best options.

The links to these courses are affiliate links, which means we earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. Thanks for supporting us!

Basic Pinterest Marketing for Blogging and Business Courses

Pingineered by Kristie Hill  

This is for people who like a bit more of the back-end and website technical stuff, she offers an amazing dashboard for Google Analytics to get the most information from Pinterest (this dashboard is actually available without purchasing the course).

  • Information is solid and points are well-made.  She focuses on good strategy with (a little bit of) tactics. 

  • There is a Facebook group available, and though she’s in there regularly, the group isn’t very active (warning—she looks really uncomfortable through all of her lesson videos, but don’t let that deter you, she’s very knowledgeable). 

  • Kristie often presents at conferences—again, she knows her stuff.

  • The Pingineered course is updated yearly.

  • Scheduling with Tailwind

Pinning Perfect by Blog Clarity  

This course is geared toward bloggers, but still very applicable to small businesses and e-commerce sites.

  • This system is laid out step-by-step with exact tactics—there is less strategy here.

  • This course is updated twice yearly AND whenever there’s a new update from Pinterest that affects the material. 

  • One of the makers of this course actually has a corporate job with Pinterest (so the information is updated quickly), but some people feel that the “rules” in this course are too restrictive. However, if you only want to implement and not think about it, this is the way to go.

  • There’s a Facebook group available for continued support.

  • Scheduling with Tailwind

Promoted Pins Courses

For information about promoted pins and how to prepare your website for them, be sure to listen to episode 15!

Promoted Pins by Alisa Meredith 

Cons: this course isn’t kept up-to-date and has a poor interface with no set table of contents to find the section you want quickly.

Pros: Alisa is super knowledgeable and really is just an all-around nice person. She’s the content manager for Tailwind and manages all of their promoted pins (as well as other clients).

  • Alissa presents at Social Media world every year.

  • There’s a phenomenal Facebook group available through this course. Since Pinterest went public, promoted pins are changing all the time, and this group stays on top of the changes.

  • Lots of strategy in this course.

  • High-level view of what to consider and what your goals should be.

Pinning Practical Promotions by Monica Frosce 

If you want someone to lay it out for you and tell you how to do A, B, C, and D, this would be a great course for you. Monica is detailed and she keeps this course updated—but she has a set method and it has its limitations.

  • She gives a breakdown of the Pinterest IPO paperwork—it’s more important than people realize.  

  • This is a hefty course and will take some time to get through.

Becoming a Pinterest VA or Manager Courses

Visual Marketing Specialist Course

Kate Ahl of Simple Pin Media offers a Visual Marketing Specialist Course, which is phenomenal. Registration isn’t always open (as of this writing it is currently closed BUT slated to open later in 2019), so be sure to check her website for more information. (Please note: we cannot link to it unless the course is live, which it currently is not.) 
Kate is very open about how she runs her business, and she gives you all the tips, information, and help to launch your own business. It’s a big monetary and time commitment. 

This course doesn’t teach you how to manage your Pinterest account, it teaches you how to run a Pinterest-based business.

Kate ALSO runs a Pinterest membership group 

This is a new group, so we’re withholding judgment until we’ve been in it longer to asses its value. Knowing how much value she offers in her course and Facebook group, this will probably be a fantastic resource. We’ll keep you updated!

Each of these courses provides a lot of value depending on your needs and goals. If you’d like to take a course but you’re still not sure which one is best for you, feel free to message me on Instagram @pinconcierge and I’ll help you figure it out!


E028 Pinterest Marketing Courses Reviewed

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5:57 Pingineered

8:33 Pinning Perfect

11:55 Promoted Pins

14:38 Pinning Practical Promotions

16:38 Kate Ahl of Simple Pin Media


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