E32 Pinterest Influencers of HAVEN Conference

E32 Pinterest Influencers of HAVEN Conference

Annette recently attended HAVEN 2019—a conference dedicated to helping DIYers grow their online businesses and expand their digital reach—and met all sorts of people at different stages in their Pinterest journeys. She was able to chat with a few of them to learn what they do on Pinterest, what they love about it, when they got started, and things they enjoy discovering about Pinterest.

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Betsy Smith of Happily Ever After, Etc helps newlyweds turn their house into a home. She loves Pinterest because it’s her most organic account (you can follow her here!). She was using Pinterest long before she ever started blogging, so she truly sees the value in sharing great content that people want to see.

The top 3 pins that send traffic to Betsy’s blog are:

Betsy’s biggest struggle with Pinterest? Remembering to use it as a business and not just a user to pin inspiration! It’s hard not to fall down the rabbit hole because don’t we all just want to pin all the pretty things?! 

Carol Lander of Blue Sky at Home shares home decor and DIY projects that readers can use to make their home more beautiful. You can follow along on Pinterest here! She loves Pinterest because it’s such an easy, visual way to find the information she wants.

The top 3 pins that send traffic to Carols’s blog are:

Carol’s biggest struggle with Pinterest is keeping her own pins out there and active. Pinterest is really good at sending lots of beautiful content so she has to remember to pin her own in addition to all the great ideas she sees!

These Pinterest influencers always know their most popular content on Pinterest.

Debbie Westbrook of Refresh Restyle is a lifestyle blogger that does DIY, crafts, and just a few recipes in the fantastic content she offers to readers. Follow along on Pinterest! Debbie loves Pinterest because it just keeps sending her traffic—which means she’ll get paid from a sponsored post and then continue getting paid because of all the residual traffic (from Pinterest) that continues to visit the post.

The top pins sending Debbie traffic from Pinterest are:

Debbie’s biggest struggle with Pinterest is knowing what pinners want to see—figuring out the trends before they’re overpinned. Even with the trend information Pinterest releases, it’s hard to predict some of the popular content people want to see!

Pinterest just keeps on giving when your pin reaches high in search you keep getting traffic. Debbie has a great tip for this.

Gail Wilson of My Repurposed Life shares repurposed furniture. She uses Pinterest for her business, of course, but she still uses it as a consumer—especially for inspiration for new projects and content to create for her audience. Gail says she still has a lot to learn about Pinterest—but then again, don’t we all?!

Gail’s top 3 pins that send her traffic from Pinterest are:

Pinterest is an incredible platform that has so much to offer casual users and businesses alike. From wedding inspiration to home decor to travel planning, there’s something for everyone!

E032 Pinterest Influencers of HAVEN Conference

1:48 Peculiar Pin
5:15 Betsy Smith | Happily Ever After Etc.
8:54 Carol Lander | Blue Sky at Home
11:43 Debbie Westbrook | Refresh Restyle
15:24 Gail Wilson | My Repurposed Life
18:05 Wrap Up

Peculiar Pin

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Annette chose this board as the Peculiar Pinbecause whenever she attends a conference, she likes to see if they have a board on Pinterest. A little history about group boards: anything pinned to a group board used to be shown to all the followers of everyone contributing to that board. This was a clever way to really expand your pins’ reach and get new followers. This is no longer the case with group boards. Over the last year, Pinterest has been suppressing group board reach. They want group boards to be used for their intended purpose, which is collaboration and development. Group boards aren’t useless, you just need established group boards to get the same kind of reach. New group boards will NOT get the same reach, so spend your time finding Tailwind Tribes in order to get your content seen by a wider audience.

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