E029 Pinterest Marketing for Authors

E029 Pinterest Marketing for Authors

On today’s episode, Annette chats with historical fiction author Lucinda Brant about how she successfully built an audience of more than 19k followers on Pinterest. With a unique approach to leveraging Pinterest, she shares what you want to get out of Pinterest as an author and how you can build your book sales with Pinterest. And don’t miss our Peculiar Pin—an 18th-century kitchen gadget that will help you get those perfect cucumber slices! You can find this and all of our Peculiar Pins by visiting our Peculiar Pins Board.

How Annette Found Lucinda Brant

Annette loves historical romance fiction, and one of Lucinda’s books was recommended to her. She prefers to read ebooks, and at the end of the book, there was a link to Lucinda’s Pinterest account with a picture of all kinds of historical information for her book and the time period. She knew she had to talk to Lucinda about her unique approach to Pinterest and learn exactly how she was using it in her writing!

Lucinda Brant started using Pinterest seven years ago when she was working as a teacher because she saw it as a great vehicle for a teaching aid. As she began working as a writer, she found that it was the perfect way to organize and catalog her research and share it with readers.

It’s not unusual for a reader to challenge details in a book. From fashion to weapons, people have strong opinions about what’s right and wrong, so with Lucinda’s Pinterest boards, it’s easy for readers to get all kinds of information about details in her books!

Lucinda’s Pinterest Process

As Lucinda is writing books, she creates a secret board for research. Once the book comes out, she transfers those pins to the correct boards for readers. They can see all the research that went into the stories, including what a certain article of clothing looks. It’s a great opportunity for readers to learn more! 

Not only that, many readers want to know what’s historically accurate and what’s made up in a historical fiction book, and this is a simple way for authors to provide that information in a fun, informative way. It also helps build authority, which is obviously important for all authors!

Pinterest makes it easy for readers to dive deeper into different subjects. As Lucinda says, the book is the tip of the iceberg, and Pinterest is the unseen part of the iceberg—the bulk of the information that doesn’t make it into the books. Many readers want more information after they finish reading books, and this is a simple way to easily deliver all of that content.

Lucinda isn’t currently using Pinterest directly to sell her books or send traffic to her website, but as she serves her readers with all of this unique information, it’s really become a sales funnel that helps readers discover new titles and even translations of her books. This is actually a very effective way to use Pinterest because visitors are in discovery mode, and she’s presenting with exactly the information they want to consume in a very approachable way.

Currently, Lucinda isn’t utilizing promoted pins (although she’s looking into them), but they could be a great way for her to share her books on an even broader scale. We’re excited to see where they’ll take her when she starts using them!

It was so great to get to know Lucinda and learn how her unique use of Pinterest is truly serving her readers well and expanding her reach. Honestly, it’s fun to see Lucinda using Pinterest as it was intended—to catalog and display inspirations!

To learn more about Lucinda Brant and her books (including Deadly Kin, the 4th book in the Alec Halsey Mystery Series, coming out in Sept/Oct 2019), you can visit her website or her amazing Pinterest account.

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