Pinterest Pin Image Tips

Pinterest Pin Image Tips

Pinterest is a visual search engine.  People come to Pinterest to discover things.  And most of that discovery is done by visually seeing ideas.  So this makes images one of the most important things for your business’s presence on Pinterest.  Images are one of the best ways to improve your engagement on Pinterest. So it become very important to know what makes an engaging image on Pinterest.  And great images break down to 5 major points

  • Size requirements
  • Photography quality
  • Branding Pins
  • Simple Impactful Fonts
  • Mulitple Pin Images

Pinterest shares their “Anatomy of a great pin” at 6:06 for a quick video of suggestions.

What tools can you use to make images for Pinterest?

There are a few routes you can go here for making images.  Hire a graphic designer, use one of the Adobe Photoshop suite of products (Spark, Elements, Pro), going the copy cat version of those products through Giffy, or Pic Monkey.  But concierge preference --and graphic designers for Pin Conicerge-- is Canva. The templates are simple, the interface is easy….and you will wish the makers of Canva would create a similar program for video editing… The best part is that Canva has kept pace with the Pinterest sizing changes and their templates have always been compliant.  So that saves creators some effort.

The down side to Canva is that lots of people use its templates.  That means those templates have been seen before so originality for the free stuff isn’t there.  But you can pay small $1 fees for variations or other layouts. And if you have lots of time --you can make wildly complex templates from scratch that look great.

There are fans of each type.  Try one out and use it But the important thing is that you make pin images and don’t rely on horizontal photos that come out of your camera.  Sure they may look nice but that doesn’t optimize them for Pinterest. It just makes them photos.

Pin Image Size Requirements

Pinterest images should be a 2:3 ratio.  This has been Pinterest’s recommended ratio for years.  You can go as stretched at 1:2.1 ratio, but anthing beyond that will be cut off by the Pinterest Smart Feed and search feed. (To understand all the different feeds check out The Four Feeds of Pinterest)  Things aren’t necessarily cut off when people look at your boards, but in practice people spend most of their time in the Smart and Search feeds, so you will want to optimize for that. You never want to pin images below 284 px as those won’t be picked up by the Pinterest extensions for pinning.  Square images of a 1:1 ratio are also acceptable on Pinterest, but in practice the taller pins do better --for now. Simply put you want your images the following pixel sizes.

  • Good:  600 px by 600 px square image (1:1)
  • Better: 735 px wide by 1102 px tall (2:3)
  • Best: 600 px wide by 900 px tall (2:3)
  • Never less than 284 px wide
tips to improve pinterest images yt.jpg

Photography Quality

Photography is the most important part of your pin.  You MUST have pretty pictures or well crafted infographics.  Pictures taken with poor lighting or fuzzy images will do poorly on Pinterest.  People are scanning the feed quickly your image needs to stand out and beautiful photography that clearly tells people what this pin is about will make that happen.  

Photography challenged? Check out Skillshare for classes to improve.  

If you have a business that stock photography is your bread and butter --don’t worry.  Those are great photographs. The trick is finding a way to crop and make them your own with filters and such.  Here is a great post about turning stock photography into pins.  

Branded Pinterest Images

Make your images consistent across your pins.  Use your brand colors, similar fonts etc. This can be tricky for many businesses that offer a large assortment of products or content, but that stock image tricks above can help you out with that.  The important thing is to have a strain of similarity running through all your pins. Canva and other online programs allow you to create brand templates (pay version usually) that make it easy to get your brand in your pins.

It's also important to include your logo on your pin in a tasteful, non-distracting way.  Pinners are very open to new brands and ideas.  Make it easy for them to see your brand on mobile.  Even with rich pins placing your logo next to information and description, you'll want that logo on the image.    

If totally similar images is just beyond your skills yet, than just be sure to put your logo on the pin a small, somewhat inconspicuous place.  

TOP TIP:  Pinterest visual search will put together pins that have similar images and styling.  So try to take photographs or use colors that match to get your pins found when they are visually searched.
pinterst visual search life to product.png

Simple Impactful Fonts

This is almost a given, but if people can’t read the print they will scroll right by.  Script based fonts are pretty, but they are also difficult to read when the image is 1 inch by 2 inches big on a mobile screen.  Keep it simple and users can tell what your pin is about. Brush letter is pretty in home decor, but no one is enjoying interpreting it in Pinterest.  Users are actively searching make things easy for them to find.  

Canva lists some great suggestions for simple minimalist fonts, several are also google fonts. 

Multiple Pin Images

"Should I make more than one pin?  Our answer is, “If you have time, YES!”  But that isn’t always the best use of a small business owners time or money.  One image is good, 2 is great and three is best. Pinterest even says, have multiple pins leading to the same landing page.  Should you go back and make mulitple pins for all your content. Sure if you have the time and money (which usually we are all short on both).  Our suggestion is pick your top performers and make multiple images for those and do more as you go along.

Misc Pinterest Image Tips

Here are a few minor tips that will help your Pin images, but don’t need much explanation

  • Warm colors have performed better in the past
  • Pleasant contrast is important in pins
  • Use text overlays
  • Avoid putting faces in the image
  • Lighter backgrounds perform best

You can make great images yourself or hire a professional.  Either way know that images and keywords are king on Pinterest’s Visual Search, so pay homage to the king and make beautiful pins.

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