Pinterest SEO Keywords and Where to Put Them

Pinterest SEO Keywords and Where to Put Them

As you probably know Pinterest is a visual search engine, or so Pinterest keeps telling us, NOT a social media.  When a an online business knows something is a search engine, it will want to know search engine optimization (SEO).  And an important part of SEO is keywords.

What is the Pinterest SEO?

Pinterest SEO is all the the things  to get into the Smart Feed (the default feed of Pinterest).  You can read all about how to get into the Pinterset Smart feed in our Tips for getting into the Smart Feed, but this post is going to talk in more detail about one aspect of that.  Keywords on Pinterest.

What are Pinterest keywords?

Keywords in Pinterest are the exact, or very similar keywords you want your pin found for on Pinterest.  If you make a home fragrance product you will want your pins to pop up in the search feed for “best home fragrance ideas”  or “natural home fragrances” or “good home scents”. So those are your keywords.

Is there a Pinterest Keyword Finder?

Guided search.png

There is and it’s in Pinterest.  Look at what results appear in the prompted search (suggestions that pop up below your search while typing)  and the guided search (boxes that appear after you search to give greater detail to your search)

Where do I put keywords for better Pinterset SEO?

There are several places that keywords go for better Pinterest SEO.  Some are on your website and others are in Pinterest. For the most part you have control of each of these placements.

Where do I put Pinterest keywords on my website?

Most of the places you’d put keywords for google are the exact same places you will put them for Pinterest.  That’s pretty convenient.

  • The URL or slug

  • In the post title

  • In a Pin image text overlay

Keyword in the URL

Check your URL’s some websites default to dating the URL rather than using the title words.  Post url ending in “/08_08_2018/” will not rank for “home fragrance” like a post URL ending in “/easy_home_fragrance_hacks/”

Keyword in the Post title

That’s pretty easy, but often forgotten that when you have rich pins your post title becomes part of the keywords in Pinterest.  Continuing the home fragrance products example, your post titled, “5 easy home fragrance hacks” will do better ranking for “home fragrance”  than, “Smells, Smelly, Stink Solutions” Your post title and your URL are not the place for cutisis clever titles.

Pinterest keyword in your text overlay

If you are a picture only kind of pin maker this won’t apply, but Pinterest has repeatedly said that text overlays convert better in their ads. So that will apply for organic search as well.  And those text overlays should let the pinner know what they will find beyond that pin.

Where can I put keywords on Pinterest?

  • In the board name

  • In the board description

  • In the pin description

In the Board Name

When you name a board name it the keywords of the topic it will be about.  Rather than, “Spring is Here” name it “Spring home frangrance ideas” or “floral home fragrances”.  That information moves with the pin as it is matched to search.

where to put keywords insta.jpg

In Board Descriptions

The same applies to board descriptions.  Use your keywords and more details to describe what will go in this board including more long tail keywords (ie. really long phrases of keywords).  The trick here is that Pinterest has you skip the description step when making a board. You are asked to name it and you have to make the effort to go in and edit the description or it won’t have one.  So that “Spring Home Fragrances” board should have a descriptions including other keywords like, “floral scents”, “home scents” “natural fragrance” and some descriptors of the type of scents you sell, “fresh, clean, rosey,”  etc.

In the pin description is the place lots of people focus so it’s listed lower down.  When you make the pin description (for tips to put a pin description in every image Pin Concierge recommends Tasty Pin or the data-pin-description code)

Where to put keywords in Pinterest is actually quite simple when broken down like this.  Making the keywords stick in search is another matter. That’s where consistent activity on the account and regularly updating your pins comes in helpful.  Naturally Pin Concierge can help with if you want to contact us.  

where to put pinterst key words pin.jpg
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