E019 Pinterest Strategies for DIY and Craft Content

E019 Pinterest Strategies for DIY and Craft Content

On today’s episode, Annette and guest Rachel Rutt of RR Virtual Assistant talk about how to maximize DIY and craft content marketing strategies for Pinterest. Learn how to make the most of seasonality, help a struggling account, and improve your chances to drive click through and traffic on the introvert’s platform. And don’t miss today’s Peculiar Pin at the end of the post—Sugar-Free Gummy Bears (the comments will have you in tears!).

The three most popular categories on Pinterest are food, travel, and DIY/crafts. If you’d like more info about travel or food on Pinterest, be sure to visit Episode 8 for travel and Episode 17 for food.

Video Pins

Video pins are still in their infancy so we’re all still learning how they’ll perform best over time. One of the big debates is should they have audio or not?

Pinterest isn’t an engaging platform like Facebook (where people will inevitably complain if there’s no audio—even though most viewers will watch it without sound). Pinterest is a quiet place for users so it might not be necessary to have audio. But again, it’s still new enough that there isn’t a lot of data to go on yet.

This is a good thing to test! Try pinning both and see which performs better. Who knows, maybe background audio will be the best solution? We’ll keep an eye on this!

Basic Must-Dos for DIY/Craft Content on Pinterest

  • Great photos—Pinterest is a visual platform—beautiful images are a must.

  • Hashtags—They help with keyword SEO (although no one is sure how much).

  • Keywords—They help Pinterest know what your pin is about.

  • Call to action in the description—Link to other platforms like IG.

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Trends with DIY/Craft Content

As with all content, schedule pins about 2 months in advance of the event or holiday.

Spring Pinning

March/Apr: springtime, teacher appreciation, crafts, boredom busters, water activities

May: 4th of July

Summer Pinning

Start pinning for Fall, back to school, and teacher appreciation

June and July: add evergreen content. Harry Potter spikes in July because of his birthday!

August: Halloween, Fall

Late Summer/Fall is a good time for handmade gifts! Think warm stuff (like blankets) to give for Christmas.

Fall Pinning

Sept/Oct: Fall, Thanksgiving, Christmas

Nov: New Year’s, home organization

Winter Pinning

Dec: winter projects (indoor activities for kids). Don’t forget the helps for people who get a new DIY or Craft tool and need to know how to use it.

New Year: clients’ top pins (make sure they’re evergreen or seasonally appropriate—leverage popular content during that slump), Valentine’s Day.

Be aware of things that drive trends—like movies! Aladdin is coming out in Summer 2019 so you can expect to see a spike in Aladdin-related pins.

Cricut is hugely popular in the craft space, so pin Cricut content any time it’s relevant!  

How do you help a struggling DIY Pinterest account?

  • Group boards aren’t the answer for every account, but they are still relevant for some! There are still some really great group boards, but there are some that don’t do anything for you. Leave the bad ones since they aren’t helping anyway, and stick with the good ones!

  • Assess the photos on your pins. It may be time to create new pins for old content!

  • Keep tabs on your metrics (many Pinterest managers assess monthly, and every 6 months). When Rachel is nurturing a new account, she will actually check the metrics weekly to make sure everything is on track.

  • Keep an eye on your followers. If you are getting a lot of spam accounts you may want to block them so they don’t have any kind of negative impact on your account. If you see 10 or more, consider blocking. But one or two probably isn’t a big worry.

If you’re in the craft or DIY space, then try implementing some of Rachel’s tips to up your game and see even better results!

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You can find Rachel Rutt online at her website, Pinterest, or Instagram!

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Pinterest marketing strategy for DIY Craft takes some consistency and some steps. Get the best tips for pinterest scheduling on this episode of the Pin Concierge Podcast. #pinterestmarketing #DIYBlogger

E019: Pinterest Strategies for DIY/Craft Content

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5:00 Guest Intro | Rachel Rutt

8:50 Video Pins

10:50 DIY/Craft Content on Pinterest—Must Dos

13:55 Trends/Seasonality for DIY/Craft Content

23:44 How to Help a Struggling Account

26:44 Spam Accounts


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