E015 Promoted Pins Site Prep

E015 Promoted Pins Site Prep

You can get lots of traffic from promoted pins on Pinterest, but you won’t be able to get great analytics on that traffic or redirect that traffic unless you have prepared your website for Pinterest promoted pins.  There are 4 steps you don’t want to skip for your website prep.

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What is a Promoted Pin?

How Promoted pins look different from organic pins

It’s Pinterest-speak for a Pinterest ad.  It’s important to know Pinterest used the work “promoted”  because all paid ads on Pinterest have a little image below them that says, “Promoted By”

Why should I prepare my website if the ad is ON Pinterest?

So glad you asked. Your ad’ s goal is usually to get a pinner to your website to take an action. For that reason you will want to be able to target your ads to the right people so they come to your website and buy, sign up or do whatever it is you paid for. You’ll need Pinterest’s help to track those pinners and you’ll need Pinterest’s help to retarget those pinners. This is where all the site prep come into play.

4 Steps to Prepare Your Website For Promoted Pins

When you do pinterest ads you need to prep your website with these 4 steps to make sure you get ALL the results you want. #pinterestmarketing #pinterestpromotedpins

1:51 Peculiar Pin

5:20 About Pinterest going public

8:27 why you should site prep

10:40 Step one: Business Account

12:52 Step two: Claim your website

17:00 Step three: Install Conversion tracking

21:26 Step four: Create Audiences

Step 1: Have a Pinterest Business Account

This might seem elementary but it’s necessary.  You can’t advertise on Pinterest without one. So sign up or convert your personal account.  

Step 2 Claim your Website

After you are a business account you should claim your website on your account.

Don’t know if you have claimed your website? sign up for the free eBook “Promoted Pins Prep” for details on how to check if your website is claimed and how to claim your website.

OK technically you can run an ad without claiming a website, but why would you? Without a claimed website you can’t get any pinterest analytics about how your pins are doing on Pinterest, promoted or not. So just do it, Claim your website.

It’s a Pinterest business account if the profile has the pin banner above your profile image.

Step 3 Install the Pinterest Conversion Tag

Is this necessary?  Like we said before you could run an ad without this, but why would you?

You want your ad to target a specific audience right? Than install the tag so you can do that.

You want to know if your ad drove an email sign up right? Than you’ll need to install the tag.

There are 2 types of conversion tags (base and event). Install both if you can. Pinterest kindly gives you all the code laid out in your Ads section on your account. And you just stick it in the head sections of your website. That sounds really simple, but we’ll walk you though it in the Pinterest Promoted Pins Site Prep eBook, so grab your FREE copy.

Step 4 Create Audiences

Now I said before the conversion tag can help create audiences for your ads. Audiences more specific than “everyone on Pinterest”  You can create a couple different kinds of audiences and that’s pretty easy to do to have Warm and Cold audiences to target.

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Yeah, but do Pinterest ads work?

Yes and no.  Pinterest is a market of users.  And if your market is the same or a subset of it.  Yes those ads work. If you are perhaps selling something that goes against Terms of Service or that appeals to a market outside Pinterest users than it won’t work for you.  To find out if your market is on Pinterest check out these stats.  I had a business associate tell me that her customers are almost all over the age of 55 and so Pinterest didn’t work for her.  She said obviously hadn’t read that 50% of pinners make a purchase because of a promoted pin.

Peculiar Pin

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