E018 SNAP Conference mini-episode

E018 SNAP Conference mini-episode

 On today’s episode, Annette is sharing more about her Promoted Pins presentation at SNAP 2019, a conference for DIY and craft bloggers. This group of creatives really knows the power of Pinterest, which is why she was able to teach an advanced class about promoted pins.

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And don’t miss this week’s peculiar pin, which is actually a whole board! Michelle Inkley of The Glitzy Pear designs the set and decor for SNAP, and she has a Pinterest board called Snap Conference Ideas. It’s the perfect example of how Pinterest is used! Check it out for some amazing wall origami ideas.

SNAP is the perfect place to meet creative individuals, so we invited a few to share more about their websites and lead pins coming from Pinterest. Notice the repeating pattern of the longevity of pins in the responses—it’s amazing!

Kendra Frampton of When’s My Vacation writes primarily about food and travel. Her most popular post is about Harry Potter Butter Beer and 50% of that post’s traffic comes directly from Pinterest! Even though the post was written several years ago, it’s still a great resource that pinners are able to find, pin, and revisit when they want to make butterbeer.

Follow When’s My Vacation on Pinterest

See the Butterbeer pin

Deanna Wall of Stitches Quilting writes about—you guessed it—quilting! The interesting thing about her Jelly Roll Pattern is that it’s not a post on her blog, it’s a product in her e-commerce store. Deanna likes Pinterest because the traffic you can get to your site is phenomenal. Even though she says her account can still be further optimized, she gets up to 7,000 pageviews per day from Pinterest!

Check out Stitches Quilting on Pinterest, and be sure to visit her top pins to see what’s working for her!

You Are Loved Heart Quilt

Jelly Roll Pattern

12 Quilting Hacks

It’s surprising how many bloggers don’t know their lead pins from Pinterest, but listen to this episode of some bloggers at the SNAP Conference to see how widley varying lead content can be.

Elise Laney of Polka Dotted Blue Jay shares paper crafting and vinyl projects. Her pins are very seasonal, but right now her top pins are a travel themed party and tablescape, a Boss’s Day thank you gift, and (this one is cool!) an affiliate pin for a cactus ring toss game! (Not sure what that means? If anyone buys the cactus game, she’ll receive an affiliate commission from the seller!)

Elise loves the visual aspect of Pinterest. She prefers it to Google as a search engine because she can actually SEE what she wants to find, especially when she’s looking for recipes! This is a great thing to note, because she’s not the only Pinterest user searching like this.

Follow Polka Dotted Blue Jay on Pinterest, and don’t miss her top pins!

Travel Themed Party and Tablescape

Boss’s Day Thank You Gift

Cactus Ring Toss Game

Jill Swensen of Being Spiffy is a longtime Pinterest user (remember the days of needing an invite??). Her top referring pin is interesting because it has to do with emoji—something she’s not actually interested in. Back in 2013 she was trying to grow her traffic and noticed Pinterest users were getting younger, so she created a blog post about emoji and pinned it to see if it would bring more traffic from younger viewers. Fast forward 2 years, Jill hadn’t been active on her blog. She went into her site analytics one day and saw that she was getting 300,000 pageview per month from that one emoji post! It peaked at a million pageviews, which is something many content creators only dream of.

Her second leading pin was a follow up to the first, explaining new emojis. This one was created solely for ad revenue based on her first emoji post, and not surprisingly, this is now her top post.

Jill’s third leading pin is how to get beachy waves with Curlformers curlers.

I hope you’re inspired to harness the power of Pinterest in growing your site and expanding your reach. You never know when you’ll post the next million-pageview pin!

Meet some of the creatives of the DIY and craft world from the SNAP Conference, and best learn what their lead content on Pinterest is. It sometimes suprised them. #snapconf #pinconcierge

E018 The Power of Promoted Pins

2:21 Peculiar Pin

3:05 Kendra Frampton | When’s My Vacation

4:00 Deanna Wall | Stitches Quilting

7:45 Elise Laney | Polka Dotted Blue Jay

10:38 Jill Swensen | Being Spiffy

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