E013 Leveraging Video Content For Pinterest

E013 Leveraging Video Content For Pinterest

On this episode, Annette and guest host Jenny Smith of Pin and Tonic Marketing talk about leveraging video for Pinterest. Video isn’t new but we are seeing better results than a year ago, as Pinterest has taken a larger interest in videos for advertising and organic relevance. Listen in so you can take advantage of video and achieve better results for your clients. And don’t miss today’s peculiar pin at the end of the post.

Pinterest is becoming a powerful tool for businesses, but don’t expect the same timeline of results as Facebook or Instagram.

Jenny’s Pinterest journey began when she was helping her husband market his business. She discovered what a powerful tool it was for driving traffic and growing business, and she’s never looked back! Jenny now serves clients in several different niches, but most of them focus their content on food and recipes. If you’re still not convinced video is the way to go, check her article with 5 reasons food bloggers should use video on Pinterest! Spoiler alert: this is great info that applies to every niche!

Video had a huge heyday on Facebook (think back 2-3 years to the beginning of the “Tasty” style recipe videos!). If you are coming to Pinterest from there, I recommend listening to Episode 10 “How is Pinterest different from other social media” for more background on why what you did on Facebook may not work on Pinterest.  

You can easily repurpose Instagram videos and stories or IGTV’s for Pinterest.

New Videos vs Repurposed Videos

Your clients don’t have to create all new content for Pinterest! While creating new content is great and we encourage it, repurpose those old videos that they’ve already worked so hard to make! Remember, Pinterest doesn’t care when the blog content was created—when you create a pin, Pinterest sees it as new content. And honestly, who doesn’t want to get more mileage out of existing content?

“You don’t have to make specific videos for Pinterest.” (8:29)

Jenny has repurposed many of her clients’ Instagram videos for use on Pinterest. They already had a huge backlog of videos, so the barrier to entry was really low when they first started experimenting. After seeing the results she’s been able to achieve for her clients, it’s safe to say that this is a fantastic use of ready-to-go content!

Pinterest Video Sizing

Pinterest doesn’t limit you to a certain size of video. You can utilize square, horizontal, and even vertical. For more information, see the Pinterest Product Specs. Standard promoted pins will be square or vertical, but if you want to do a “max width” pin, which takes up two columns in the feed are limited to square and widescreen video. The video below displays how max width looks.

Jenny’s video pins that have done well are 45 seconds or less and she recommends anything less than a minute. People aren’t necessarily going to Pinterest for video, so keeping it shorter is ideal. The current limit is for video length is about 15 minutes, but most people probably won’t watch a video that long right within Pinterest. Most people are coming for inspiration, so a teaser video will probably work best. However, there are exceptions to every rule, so test it to see what works best for your clients!

“The best use of video on Pinterest is snippets or previews to entice viewers to click through to something else.” (13:55)

Important Note: Videos cannot be scheduled! Right now there isn’t an API service that allows for videos to be scheduled in Pinterest. If you do attempt to schedule a video via Tailwind, it will post a static image, not the actual video.

Pinning Workflow

Since videos can’t be scheduled and all pinning has to be done live, what’s a VA to do when Tailwind is the go-to tool? Jenny likes to pin all videos to a dedicated videos board and then pin out from there. You don’t have to natively upload the video each time you want to pin it, repinning is just fine! To stay organized, keep a spreadsheet to track where everything has been pinned. Each time you upload a new video pin, repin some old videos and update your spreadsheet

Videos on Pinterest do better than you might think. Add them to your marketing plan for these strategic reasons and learn what results to expect and when on the pinconcierge podcast. #pinterestmarketing #pintereststrategist #pinconcierge.

Success Case Study

Jenny shared an interesting case study from one of her clients. The strategy was to pin 2 repurposed square videos per week. There were no changes for about 3 weeks, then saves and impressions started climbing. She was getting around 200 saves a day, and now it’s up to about 2,500 saves per day. The majority of this increase is from videos, but all of the pins are experiencing an increase in saves because Pinterest is now showing her content to more people—probably because of the engagement with the video pins.

How does this translate into traffic?

For this case study—and in general—saves and impressions start building about 3 weeks after the pins go up. Traffic to the website takes about 3 more weeks, so after 6 weeks there is typically an increase in traffic.

For this particular client:

  • 8,000 sessions in November 2018

  • 20,000 sessions in January 2019

  • 34,000 sessions in February 2019—top 3 referrers were video pins

A session is the presence of a user on a website, sometimes referred to as a visit. This means visits to Jenny’s client’s website more than quadrupled in just 4 months! Of course, there isn’t a guarantee that every client will see the same results, but with consistency, you should see an upward trend!

Struggles with Video on Pinterest

After utilizing video on Pinterest for more than 6 months now, Jenny said the inability to schedule video pins is really the biggest struggle she’s encountered. Additionally, it takes more time to pin and track video data in the spreadsheet. However, the return your clients may see is worth the extra work it takes to do video pins well.

Huge thanks to Jenny for sharing so much Pinterest video knowledge with us! To connect with Jenny you can visit her website Pin and Tonic Marketing or find her on Pinterest!

Let’s continue the conversation! If you hang out on Facebook, join me in my Facebook group Pin Concierge Collective. If you prefer Instagram, feel free to message me @PinConcierge!

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4:50 Guest Intro
6:48 Repurposing Video for Pinterest
9:00 Video Sizing and Length
14:16 Pinning Videos: scheduling, repinning
18:32 Case Study (Jenny’s client)
27:06 Struggles with Video on Pinterest

Jenny chose a Peculiar pin the speaks to all of us who have ever been inspired by a pin and then realized our skills didn’t match the results Nailed It! Funny Pinterest Fails. Follow our Peculiar Pins board below to see what new oddities of Pinterest we add.

How to make and market video Pins on Pinterest to help your business. And what to expect from video pins. #pinterestmarketing #videomaking #pinconcierge
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