E012 What to Pin in April + Pinterest News

E012 What to Pin in April + Pinterest News

On this episode, Annette and guest host Lisa Cvetko share what Pinterest VAs should be pinning in April. They’ll also chat about the latest news including shedding unwanted clutter, spring cleaning, and an exciting new shopping feature. Don’t miss this week’s peculiar pin #Trashtag trash cleanup challenge.

And this is why Pinterest is so loved by it’s users.

And this is why Pinterest is so loved by it’s users.

Pinterest News

Top Trends for March

March trends include: Clearing Clutter, Spring Cleaning, Yard Clean Up, Prom, and Fresh Looks for Spring. Check out the article for all the details!

What’s Hap-Pin-In in March

World Sleep Day and mindful lifestyle practices—especially alcohol-free drinks (mocktails and juices) and nutrition plans.

Catalog Shopping Online

If you have an e-commerce site, you’ll upload a data source of information. This creates a catalog within Pinterest of products from your website! This not only sends traffic to your site, but it also provides some really great metadata. But wait, there’s more! It will recommend complementary products from your site (instead of other sites).

Pinterest is so excited about this new catalog shopping feature that they launched it at Shop Talk, (a huge retailers’ conference). Ben Silberman presented, which you can watch here.

Advertisers with Low CPMs

Pinterest is attracting advertisers with low CPMs (which stands for Cost Per Mille, which means cost per thousand). Check out the article for some really interesting case studies of companies and what they're seeing in terms of pinners being really valuable.

What to Pin in April  

Remember, you should always look 1.5-2 months out, so right now that means the end of May through June.


Most holidays are big on food, so pay special attention to holiday-related recipes as you schedule your content this month!

  • Earth Day (April 21st)

  • May the 4th

  • Cinco de Mayo

  • Mother’s Day (May 12th)

  • Memorial Day (May 27th)

  • World Environment Day (June 5)

  • Father’s Day (June 16th)

  • Graduation

  • Early 4th of July

“Other industries are seeing that promoted pins are really valuable.”.jpg

Life Moments

Some of these life moments are on repeat from March, but that’s because they are still relevant for April, so don’t forget them!

  • Weddings

  • Outdoor home renovations

  • End of school

  • Graduation (and teacher retirements)


Eating seasonally and locally is big this year, as well as BBQs (which is always a staple this time of year). Roasted chickpeas are trending, along with foods that require less packaging (which goes along with the sustainability/zero waste trend we’ve been talking about all year). And don’t forget to pin holiday foods!


We talked about adventure profiles last month, which are still relevant for travel pinning. Click here for more info about adventure profiles. Be sure to include these travel topics in your April pinning!

  • Sustainable, eco-friendly travel

  • Summer travel ideas

  • Adventure ideas

  • Flight deals

Prom is huge in March and April as girls look for fashion and accessories.

Prom is huge in March and April as girls look for fashion and accessories.


Current fashion trends are straight out of the 80s right now. Some are fun (and some we definitely don’t recommend) but pin them all if this is relevant to your audience.

  • Summer fashion ideas

    • Biker shorts with blazers (but please, don’t do it!)

    • Puffed sleeves, shoulder pads (both on a smaller scale than their 1980s counterparts)

    • Wrap dresses

  • Lavender tones

  • Prom fashion and accessories—navy is trending this year

    • Blue eye shadow & mascara to go with navy blue prom dresses

    • Dresses with low fronts or low backs (and back necklaces for those low backs!)

    • Big flower print dresses (black or navy background with bold pink or red flowers)

  • Boiler suits (think of the zip-up janitor onesies!)

Plan your Pinterest pin scheduling with season in mind. Here are the things to pin for every major niche on Pinterest in the month of April. #pinterestscheduling #pinconcierge


  • Summer weddings: bridesmaid needs (shower, dresses, etc.)

  • Rustic ideas and boho are still strong, but destination wedding planning peaks around here as well

  • Late-year weddings: photographers, dress shopping, reception, and ceremony plans

  • Smoke bombs (this is a big thing for sendoffs in wedding colors. Popular for fun and unique weddings photos.)

  • Experience registry. This generation doesn’t want things, they want experiences. Everything from small (going to the movies) to large (travel)

  • Bespoke attire—personalized items like shoes (with the wedding date on the soles), tux linings, etc.


This is the time of year people start planning their gardening activities (from cleanup to actual planting) but don’t overlook spring cleaning for outdoor living spaces!

  • Year-round blooming plant (to have color all season). Some plants are ever-blooming (which typically means they will bloom twice in a season, not necessarily all season long), water-wise plants. Local-scaping—planting things that are local to your specific area (this is in place of xeriscaping, which most people don’t really like).

  • Spring Cleaning—focus on pinning these topics:

    • Cleaning tips

    • Homemade cleaners

    • Garage clean out (crossover with Father’s Day!)

    • Front Porch—new plants, chairs, pillows, wreaths, signs, etc

  • Marie Kondo & folding clothes

There’s a lot of great content to pin in April, so focus on pinning whatever will best suit your audience!

On this Podcast E12: What to Pin in April + Pinterest News

1:10  Peculiar Pin #Trashtag
3:25  News Roundup: Top Trends—Shedding Unwanted Clutter, Spring Cleaning, Folding Clothes
6:55 Catalog Shopping Online, Advertisers with low CPMs
8:57 What to Pin: Holidays, Life Moments
12:32 What to Pin: Food, Travel
16:25 What to Pin: Fashion (80’s, Prom, Weddings)
21:00 Wedding Trends
25:00 Home/DIY
Need to know what to Pin on Pinterest in April here is a list of suggestions for every major niche from fashion and travel to weddings and DIY. These are trends and seasonality explained for your pinterest marketing. #PinterestMarketing #pinconcierge

Peculiar Pin: This week’s Peculiar Pin is #Trashtag, a trash cleanup challenge that was also trending on Instagram. You can find all our Peculiar Pins on our Pinterest Board “Peculiar Pins.”

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