E30 What to Pin in August and Pinterest News Round Up

E30 What to Pin in August and Pinterest News Round Up

On today’s episode, Annette and guest host Whitney Sartain chat through the latest Pinterest news plus what to pin in August. From food and travel to weddings and parenting to major life moments, you’ll know exactly what to pin this month! Pinterest is an ever-changing platform and they like to keep us in the loop, so it’s important to pay attention to the news! And don’t miss our peculiar pin—herb bowls! Find this (and all our Peculiar Pins) on our Peculiar Pins Board.

Pinterest News

Engagement Hack

Pinterest now has a method for business accounts to keep track of comments and engagements with their pins. This is fantastic because Pinterest loves to see engagement on pins! It’s huge when someone comments or posts a picture on your pin, and they reward that with extending your reach. 

The new Engagement dashboard available in business accounts. Reply to comments, see who’s tried it and respond. A new way to increase engagement with your pins

The new Engagement dashboard available in business accounts. Reply to comments, see who’s tried it and respond. A new way to increase engagement with your pins

How to do it: Log into your Pinterest account and go to the browser bar (not the Pinterest search bar) and type in Pinterest.com/engagement. It will pull up a screen that shows you when people have commented on your pins so you can respond back! Unless you happen to see a comment notification (which is hard because the notification feed always has so much in it, making it difficult to find things!), or specifically look at a particular pin, you probably won’t ever see comments or pictures that get posted on your pins.

Another benefit of keeping track of comments is to get feedback on your content. This can be helpful to adjust instructions to be more user-friendly. For example, if someone comments that your recipe was more complicated than they expected or they didn’t understand a step, you can improve that post based on what they say!

Posting Videos

The Chief Marketing Officer at Pinterest spoke at VidCon and told us to bring our videos because Pinterest cares about video!

Pinterest has created a Video tab on profiles that can be searched. They are also including LIFETIME analytics for videos, not just the last 30 days.

As of now video pins can ONLY be uploaded and scheduled natively through the Pinterest scheduler. Tailwind can’t do it—yet—but they’re working on it.

Another perk of the Video tab is that if a pinner is confused by something in your pin, or they’re just looking for more information, they can go to your profile to see if you have an instructional video that will clear up their questions.

For more information about video content on Pinterest, check out our Pinterest video podcast episode!

RSS Feature

A new feature Pinterest has released is the RSS Feed. Find it by going into your profile settings. RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication (which is a way to automatically receive updates). This is an interesting tool for blog post automation. 

You can find the option to connect RSS feed in your profile settings of your Pinterest Business account.

You can find the option to connect RSS feed in your profile settings of your Pinterest Business account.

Here’s how it works: Every time you post something new on your blog, a pin for that post will automatically be added to whatever board you select, usually within about 24 hours. The thing to be aware of with this feature is that it will post all the images in that blog post, including sidebar images and other irrelevant images that you may not want pinned.

This is working well for e-commerce sites because the way those are coded, it will usually just pull one image from the page when a new product goes live on that site.

The RSS feature is interesting and worth trying out, but for now, Tailwind remains a better option for pinning new content. Pinterest is continuously trying to improve their features, so this could work well for all sites in the future!

**Please note, so far we’ve only seen this available on the desktop version of Pinterest, not mobile.

August on Pinterest is about summer, but so much more. We cover all the holidays to consider and every major niche from DIY to Wedding.

What to Pin in August


Check out this Seasonal Insights Guide from Pinterest, it will help you see exactly when pinners are actively pinning all the holidays!

Right now you should be pinning for:

  • Labor Day

  • Fall holidays, especially Halloween

  • Some Thanksgiving and Christmas

Have your holiday gift guides created and ready to post throughout August, September, and October because people are already shopping for Christmas!! Checkout the podcast on Gift Guides.

People are even looking for Christmas and New Year’s this time of year.


These aren’t necessarily big events that happen every year (they aren’t seasonal), but huge moments in peoples’ lives. In August, you should be pinning about:

  • Going off to college —which happens in August/September

  • Weddings—biggest season is coming! The most popular wedding months are September, October, and November

  • Baby season—Most babies are born at the end of summer so focus on pinning baby showers and newborn ideas

  • Retirements peak in October, so start pinning ideas now, including ideas for adjusting to retirement


August is the perfect time to start pinning for the Fall! Be sure to include:

  • Seasonal fruits and veggies (apples, squash, and all things pumpkin & pumpkin spice)

  • Warm, cozy recipes (comfort food!)

  • Halloween (and some Thanksgiving) recipes and party food ideas

You don’t want the Halloween and Thanksgiving recipes to overwhelm your schedule, but definitely start trickling them in now.

Tailgating is often overlooked in August pinning, but you should start now for all the football parties in September.

_I love that I keep getting paid for posts on Pinterest_ (1).jpg


Fall travel is all about road trips and vineyard visits. This isn’t road trips in the traditional sense of summer vacations, it’s really more about seeing Fall color. Popular search terms include: 

  • Winery Vacations

  • Autumn Scenery Vacations

  • Fall Foliage Road Trip

Don’t forget that people go camping on Labor Day (in the northern hemisphere). August is actually peak season for camping information! Camping-related backyard ideas, especially things you can do with a fire (like s’mores), are popular.

Weekend getaways also do well this time of year because people no longer have the flexibility to take long vacations. Labor Day weekend and Fall breaks are two big for travel.

This is a good time to start sprinkling in some holiday travel as well. Pinners aren’t planning their vacations at this point, but they are looking for ideas. As we get closer, searches will start to get more specific, but for now people are really just looking at where they want to go for the holidays.

Finally, Travel with Hot Springs was part of the Pinterest 100 this year. The Fall is actually a great time for hot springs because the cooling weather is a nice balance, so include that in your travel pinning.


Back-to-school fashion is big this time of year, especially capsule wardrobes. If you are a fashion blogger or influencer, this is the perfect time to create a post about capsule wardrobes and fill it with affiliate links to all your favorite shops.

In addition to clothing, you’ll want to pin hair tutorials—especially for styles like messy buns, top knots, braids, and easy things to help get them out the door quickly.

Keep in mind fall fashion runway ideas because Fashion Week is just around the corner in September.


One of the trends we’ve seen all year is statement backs in wedding gowns—deep V backs, unique design like chaining, or beautiful lace designs. Most women have probably already purchased their wedding dress for the upcoming peak Fall wedding season, but they are still looking for ideas that apply to their wedding day:

  • Photo ideas

  • Bachelorette party ideas

  • Wedding shower ideas

  • Wedding favors

  • Bridal party gifts

  • Outdoor wedding ideas

Wedding dreamers are people who don’t yet have a wedding date, but they’re dreaming about their wedding. They’re typically looking at ideas concurrent with the season. This means that in August they’d still be looking at outdoor ideas more than Fall ideas, wedding colors, and photography. They’re looking for simple, nature-driven ideas.

Check out the Pinterest Weddings Ideas of 2019! Be sure to pay attention to the elopement ideas!


This is a great time to post Halloween DIY projects. This includes home decor (skeletons, pumpkins, etc.) and Halloween costumes. Check out Whitney’s favorite last-minute DIY costume—a quick and easy crayon!

There’s also a lot of transition happening happening in (and out of) the home—going from bright colors to earthy colors, adding Fall decor, etc. 


One of the biggest topics in August is Back To School. Because of varying schedules all over the country, back to school really goes from July all the way through September. Right now popular searches include:

  • Lunch box ideas (simple lunches, jokes, etc.)

  • How to improve school routines (before school & after school)

  • Gifts for teachers (especially printables for teacher gifts)

  • DIY Halloween costumes

  • Tailgate parties

  • Kids’ sports (which also makes “how to feed your family on the run” type pins popular)

  • Crock Pot and Instant Pot recipes

Thanks to Whitney for sharing her amazing Pinterest knowledge with us! Find her online at awellnessspace.co or on Instagram @awellnessspace.


E030 What to Pin in August and Pinterest News Roundup

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15:12 What to Pin in August | Holidays

16:38 What to Pin in August | Life Moments

18:20 What to Pin in August | Food Trends

20:44 What to Pin in August | Travel

22:49 What to Pin in August | Fashion

24:49 What to Pin in August | Weddings

27:06 What to Pin in August | DIY & Home Trends

30:20 What to Pin in August | Parenting


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