E025 What to Pin in July & Pinterest News

E025 What to Pin in July & Pinterest News

On today’s episode, Annette and guest host Julia Groves of The Quiet Grove talk all things Pinterest News and what to pin in July! Learn about Ikea’s interesting move, why Wall Street didn’t love Pinterest’s earnings report, and how you can build your own milk jug igloo!

If you’d like to catch up on or compare all the Pinterest news from May and June, you might see some interesting changes. And you can find all of our Peculiar Pins on our “Peculiar Pins” board at pinconierge.com/peculiarpinsboard.H HERE

To grow your Pinterest account learn what to pin in July for every major niche and develop a good pintrest strategy for your business. #pinterestforbusiness #whattopin#pinconcierge

E025: What to Pin in July & Pinterest News

2:25 Peculiar Pin

4:34 Pinterest News | Ikea

7:10 Pinterest News | Wall Street

8:05 Pinterest News | Business Hub

9:45 Pinterest News | Story Pins

11:38 What to Pin in July | Holidays and Life Moments

15:50 What to Pin in July | Food and Travel

19:50 What to Pin in July | Fashion and Weddings

27:10 What to Pin in July | Home/DIY and Parenting


Pinterest News

Find all the articles we mention here (and more!) at this link.


Ikea is well known for their catalogs, but they are transitioning to customized catalog boards on Pinterest. You can even take a quiz so Ikea can custom-tailor your pins, which is brilliant. Each pin is optimized to their site so you can buy the items you want in just a few clicks from start to finish. As of recording, more than 25,000 boards have been created by Ikea.

Wall Street

Pinterest’s first earnings report came out and Wall Street didn’t love it. Pinterest didn’t lose money and they didn’t even do poorly, but Wall Street doesn’t like it when things don’t turn out the way they expect. However, they remain cautiously optimistic, so we’ll take that as a good sign.

Two interesting stats mentioned in this article are 10 there are now 192 million active users on Pinterest and 2) Pinterest averaged $2.25 of revenue for every user in the first quarter of 2019.

Pinterest Business Hub

Pinterest is rolling out a new business hub, but only SOME accounts have it as of now. This business hub is a special dashboard that puts recent pins, ads, and tips from Pinterest Help in one accessible place. To see if you have this feature, log in to your Pinterest account on a computer (sorry, this doesn’t work on mobile), and then type in the browser address bar www.pinterest.com/business/hub

Story Pins

We don’t know where they’re going with this, but it’s like a blog post with multiple images—all integrated into the Pinterest platform. As of now, we’ve only seen it on UK accounts, so if you’re in the US, you may not have access to it yet.

What To Pin In July

Some categories are popular all year long, but most are subject to seasonality. We’re breaking it down for July so you know exactly what to pin to maximize impressions and clicks.


  • Start pinning Halloween—but just a little. Focus on DIY projects that tend to take more time.

  • Labor Day picnics and events  

  • End of Summer (not really a holiday, but we can treat it like one for pinning purposes)

Life Moments

  • Going off to college (you should have started pinning this in June, but it’s still relevant in July)

  • Buying first home (pin ideas for moving and decorating)

  • Weddings (of course)

  • Babies



  • Tips, hacks, and money-saving ideas

  • Travel guides: how to save, things to do

  • Family travel ideas

  • Fall travel 

  • Foodie and wine tours


  • Fire hair (check the link, it’s very cool!)

  • Split hair color (thank you, Sia!)

  • One-shoulder tops, monokini, and crocheted summer hats

  • Back to School


  • Outdoor weddings

  • Destination weddings, tips for travel

  • Customizable/DIY ideas

  • Rustic wedding idea

  • Vintage and flowers are big for pinning right now!


  • Fire pits

  • Backyard ideas

  • Summer wreaths

  • Gardening—Fall planting (like bulbs), harvesting

  • Stuff to do with wine bottles (wine bottles are the new mason jars!)


  • Summer ideas for kids

  • Back to school (this is a BIG one!)

    • Clothes

    • Traditions

    • Pictures

    • Printable signs

    • Command center

    • Recipes for easy family meals

    • Lunch box ideas, notes, and jokes

There is so much great content to pin in July, thanks to Julia Groves for chatting through this month’s great ideas!

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