E021 What to Pin in June & Pinterest News

E021 What to Pin in June & Pinterest News

On this episode, Annette and guest host Lisa Cvetko share what Pinterest VAs should be pinning in June. They’ll also chat about the latest news including the new Pinterest analytics dashboard, unique targeting, and hybrid search. Don’t miss this week’s peculiar pin Taxidermy Home Decor!


Analytics Dashboard

Tailwind published an article about Pinterest’s analytics dashboard change (which happened about a month ago). If you’ve spent much time in your dashboard, you might know that it was semi-useless. With this new change it’s less useless! There is no longer board information, but the pin information is more in-depth.

Tailwind explains how to use this new information now provided in your dashboard.

What does this mean for your business?

It breaks down your pins by:

  • Paid promotion

  • Organic promotion

  • Traffic sources (and what kind of reach they have)

This is a great sign that Pinterest is trying to improve for businesses so businesses can utilize it better.

Unique Targeting

Pinterest is targeting ads to users in a clever new way. They’re using location targeting (for example, with zip codes) and then hitting at big life moments or phases specifically to gain people in discovery mode. This can be used with any phase from planning a wedding to having a baby to buying a new home to starting a new job, allowing ads to be served to a very specific audience in a certain geographical location.

This serves users and businesses in a more complete way, as it allows them to find each other more readily, and in a stage that’s relevant to purchasing.

Hybrid Search from the Pinterest Engineering Blog  

Hybrid search, is here! This is improved textual and visual search discovery, which offers better results than text search or visual search alone, offering a better user experience. We’re seeing a higher click-through rate with hybrid search, which makes it even more important for bloggers and businesses to make sure the text and images on pins convey a connective idea to the content on their websites and what they want people to find.

This quote from the Pinterest Engineering blog ways they are getting better results with the visual and text based hybrid searches. This means your images and text need even better matching quality to your goal purpose.

What does this mean? We are getting better results! Pinterest is always trying to improve its platform for businesses and users, and this is an exciting step to connect the two in a more powerful way.

You can find all these articles and more by clicking here.

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What to Pin in JUNE


Always start pinning 1.5-2 months prior to the holiday, but with holidays like Flag Day and Independence Day, you can pin all the way up to the holiday because many pins are relevant right up to the last minute—think food!

June 14th: Flag Day

July 4th

  • BBQ recipes and ideas

  • Watermelon

  • Red, white & blue

  • Backyard games

Life Moments

Life moments to pin in June include:


Food is a popular niche all year long, and summertime food is always big! Be sure to pin:

  • BBQs, picnics, fun decor

  • Travel on the road: camping foods and convenience ideas

  • Red white and blue foods

Start pinning school lunch ideas in mid to late June.

Certain crops will be coming on, so consider seasonal fruits and veggies, all the berries, summer vegetables, plus farm stand favorites like peaches, cherries and tomatoes. And don’t forget the farmer’s market ideas!


People traveling a lot during the summer. They need the last-minute ideas, and they’re in the last stages of planning (house sitting, dog sitting, mail holds, where to eat there, etc.)

People are still planning weekenders and quick getaways, so this is great to pin! Don’t forget about:

  • Wine country

  • Wellness retreats

  • City jaunts


Summer fashion is in full swing so keep pinning it!

  • Brightly colored Tevas

  • Straw bags and hats

  • One-piece swimsuits (high cut)—jungle print is in this year

  • Dresses that are flowing and cool

  • Recreation clothes

Start pinning back-to-school fashions this month as well.

Men: Bowling shirts, and shorter (mid-thigh) drawstring shorts, seersucker shirts.

Travel fashion: Comfortable shoes, capsule wardrobes, backpacks, and gear for adventure travel.


It’s almost wedding season, so keep pinning those ideas for what to do the day of and last-minute ideas:

  • honeymoon plans

  • groomsmen ideas

  • photo pose ideas

  • toasts

  • reception sign in

  • videos

  • favors


It’s all about the gardening! Container gardening, yard decor, and landscape designs. Keep pinning weekend warrior projects and garages! Lots of garage revamping happens in the summer—don’t forget about stained or painted floors.

There’s also a lot of interest in turning garages into livable spaces like game rooms, gyms, and play rooms.

More home/DIY ideas to pin in June:

  • Outdoor kitchens and bars

  • Creative fencing ideas

  • Outdoor showers (not necessarily to go with a pool)


  • summer boredom busters

  • road trip activities

  • rainy day activities

  • family field trips

  • day trips

  • weekenders


Even though it’s summer, keep pinning TpT (Teachers Pay Teachers)! To learn more about scheduling TpT and why you shouldn’t stop in the summer, check out www.pinconcierge.com/11.

See all our peculiar pins here!

E021: What to Pin in June + Pinterest News

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