E009: What to Pin in March and Pinterest News

E009: What to Pin in March and Pinterest News

What to Pin in March + Pinterest News

On this episode, Annette and guest host Lisa Cvetko share what Pinterest VAs should be pinning in March (this is a big pinning month for a lot of niches!). They’ll also chat about the latest news including Sustainable Living trends and the newest guidelines from Tailwind about how often to revive your content on Pinterest. This week’s peculiar pin is very pinteresting—Bread Stapled to Trees.

You want to pin in March the holidays that are happening 2 months away. Pinners are pa

Pinterest News

Sustainable Living  

Interest in sustainable living is up 69% from last year, and it’s one of the most searched terms on Pinterest for ages 38 and under. This really fits with the “zero waste” trend Pinterest named for 2019, and the millennial attitude of saving the planet (which we love).

You’ll see this in areas like plastic bags vs. paper bags vs. make your own bags. The article linked above is really valuable for understanding the different areas of sustained living and how you can apply it to your audience.

The Tattoo Report

Check out their pinsights boards for inspirations and ideas of tattoos, but notice—and this is the interesting part—even Pinterest instructs readers to post photos of their own tattoos to pins they like. As a Pinterest manager or VA, this is important to note for two reasons. 1) it increases interaction with your audience and 2) Pinterest is telling you this is something that matters to them and they’ll probably show those pins to more people.

Your images aspect ratio is more important to Pinterest than the exact pixels. Just keep it above 400 on any side and you are good

Image Sizing

We can all officially relax when it comes to image sizing! Instead of worrying about whether to use 1000x1500 or 600x900, Pinterest says they all work because the aspect ratio of 2:3 is what really matters. Just don’t go below 400 pixels and you’ll be in good shape. The article also includes information on pin sizing for videos, and carousel pins, so be sure to check it out!

News From Tailwind

Tailwind has let us know that we should not be pinning the same pin to the same board more often than every 4 months. If you have smart loops set up to repin the same content every month, you need to slow them down!

Fresh content gets priority on Pinterest! But fresh content doesn’t always mean NEW content. They mean a new pin image or an old pin image with a totally new description. This is new, fresh content in Pinterest’s eyes, and they favor that.

How to pin new, fresh content without constantly creating new content:

  • Create more images for existing content (don’t just have one, have ten!)

  • Create new boards

Use these strategies to avoid being reported as spam (which we all know is BAD!)

What to Pin in March  

Remember, you should always look 1.5-2 months out, so right now that means the end of April through May.

Holidays: Easter, Mother’s Day, Graduation, Star Wars Day (May the 4th), Cinco De Mayo, Memorial Day (this is a big one—it kicks off summer BBQ season).

What to pin in March for every major Niche. With trending topics and ideas for pinterest marketing and planning. #pinterestforbusiness #pinconcierge

Life Moments: car buying (peaks in spring), prom activities, graduation.

Food: Star Wars Day (which has some really fun pins), Cinco de Mayo, Easter brunches and recipes, Memorial Day, graduation. Healthy recipes will have less of an appeal at this point in the year, so focus on pinning food that fits these categories.

Travel: This is when people start planning their summer vacations so pin content about where to travel in June or July (yes, this is further out than 2 months, but people will plan their summer vacations further ahead than they will other things), last-minute spring break ideas (last-minute travel deals, how to keep kids happy in the car, etc.), zero-waste (sustainable) travel

Fashion: Spring and summer fashion ideas, pastels, sustainable brands (which also fits the sustainable living category).

Prom fashions have a lot going on this year:

  • dress fashions

    • high neckline with low back

    • low neckline

    • sequins

    • color: earthy greens

  • guy fashions

    • sockless

    • muted colors

    • bold ties

    • there’s not an emphasis on matching your date’s dress

Weddings: this is a little different than other categories because weddings are planned further out. The most popular months to get married (in colder climates where winter weddings aren’t popular) are September, October, and June. You’ll have to cater to both seasons with your wedding content.

  • June weddings: pin bridal shower ideas, wedding cakes, invitations

    • popular trends include rustic, semi-industrial, boho

  • September and October weddings: pin bridal party outfits and honeymoon planning

Home: the hot, new color for home decor is Klein blue (which is a cobalt blue). It’s named after French artist Yves Klein. Other blue content would probably also do well for March. More great content to pin includes:

  • Rugs on walls

  • White walls with bold accent walls

  • Floral patterns & pastels

  • Gardening—indoor and outdoor. Patios are being used as an extension of indoor living

  • Outdoor teen space: tables, fire pits, lounging areas

  • Front step decor

  • Spring cleaning—green, DIY cleaning products, and cleaning your windows with newspaper (more Sustainable Living ideas). Any spring cleaning tips are also relevant!

  • Sustainable home ideas

There’s a lot of great content to pin in March! There’s something for every niche, so be sure to pin fresh, new, relevant content for your audience.

E8: What to Pin in March + Pinterest News

Schedule these kinds of pins in March and check out the latest Pinterest news for your Pinterest Marketing on the Pin Concierge Podcast #pinterestmarketing #pinconcierge

1:14  Peculiar Pin

4:38 News Roundup: Sustainable Living / The Tattoo Report / Image Sizing

8:44 New Roundup: Tailwind

11:18 What to Pin in March: Holidays / Life Moments / Food

14:40 What to Pin in March: Travel / Fashion

17:28 What to Pin In March: Weddings / Home


Peculiar Pin: This week’s Peculiar Pin is “Stapling Bread to Trees,” a strange trend with its own Reddit group! You can find all the Peculiar Pins on our Pinterest Board “Peculiar Pins.”

If you’ve ever stapled bread to a tree, be sure share with us on Instagram @PinConcierge

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