016 What to Pin in May & The Pinterest News Round Up

016 What to Pin in May & The Pinterest News Round Up

On today’s episode, Annette is sharing the best content to pin in May and all the latest news from Pinterest. Keeping up with this ever-changing platform can be a real challenge, so we bring all the news to you every month so you can stay current with solid strategies and best practices. If you find yourself asking, “What about doing this?” then this episode is for you.  And you won’t want to miss this week’s Peculiar Pin—Unicorn Poop Slime.

News from Pinterest

Conversion-Based Ad Campaigns

There are several different ways to pay for Promoted Pins (or Pinterest ads). You can pay for them based on impressions, traffic to your site, or video views. BUT there’s a new method that Pinterest just made available. It’s called Conversion Ads. This means you pay for how many people complete the purchase or sign up for your emails/offer. The cost is based on conversions.

This is really exciting because businesses can now work with Pinterest to get pinners to take a specific action.

There are also rumors that paying for clicks on video pins might be available in the near(ish) future…a few accounts are currently beta testing it. We’ll be sure to keep you updated as soon as it’s available to everyone!

Pinterest will have the leverage it needs to invest in even better systems and programs.

Pinterst went public with an IPO. This will help creators and businesses on Pinterest with better tools and reach to a larger audience. #pinterestmarketing

Pinterest Has Gone Public!!

It’s official! Pinterest is now a publicly traded company. Their ticker symbol is #PINS and shares started at $19—but quickly went up to $23 per share.  This is exciting because Pinterest will now have the capital to invest in better systems and programs to reach more pinners and better serve businesses.

The potential is HUGE for Pinterest to do better local advertising and be more beneficial to small business startups.

Some content creators (bloggers, influencers, businesses, etc.) may be worried that Pinterest will follow Facebook’s example after going public, and minimize their reach (even for paid promotions), but we don’t think this will happen on Pinterest. Pinterest NEEDS content creators, so while things will continue to evolve, they won’t take the same approach because they need great content to place between ads.

How To Avoid Getting Your Account Suspended

Sometimes suspensions seem random and no one can figure out what caused them, but most of the time there’s a pretty obvious reason. If you adhere to best practices (which PinConcierge does), then you’ll be pretty safe. If you’re a new pinner or less experienced VA, then you may be doing some of these things. If you are, STOP! Follow this list to protect your accounts.

  • Pinning “Stolen” Pins (you may not know you’re doing this if you don’t click through the pin to the website)

  • Saving pins that lead to unrelated content or have disallowed content

  • Unnaturally high-volume behaviors

  • Overly Repetitive Pinning (Pinterest is being very proactive now in order to solve accounts pinning in a spammy way).

If your account has been suspended START HERE. You may have to do some begging and explaining that you didn’t know you were doing something wrong. This won’t help with lost traffic, but you may be able to get your account back.

REmember to plan much further ahead with your Pinterest marketing than with any other #socialmedia. Pinners are planners. They search before they need. #pinterestscheduling #pinterestmarketing #pinterest

What to Pin in May

Remember, always be looking 2 months out! This means you’re looking at July right now—BUT—don’t stop pinning just because something is a month out. People will still be looking for those pins, we simply want to START pinning about 2 months prior to a holiday, event, season, etc.

Holidays—keep pinning a bit of Memorial Day, but we are looking at school getting out and summer vacation starting! Be sure to pin July 4th, Summer Solstice events, music festivals, and food festivals.

Life Moments—retirement from education is common at this time of year, graduation will still be going into May for those high schools that end in June.  Summer is moving season! People are already looking for those new homes and planning ideas for their summer move. This goes along with decluttering/dejunking, so those pins should be included as well.  And don’t forget students going off to college—ideas are already percolating!

Foodalways the most popular niche on Pinterest!

Summer food ideas include:

  • fruits and early vegetables

  • healthy summer salads (this stays popular all summer)

  • BBQ ideas

Some newer trends we’re seeing right now include plant-based meals and plant-based products. Whole30 and Paleo are still going strong, but plant-based is really big right now.

Current hot recipes trends: edible glitter, cannabis cooking, infused watersginger anyone?

Travelwe are about to get crazy with travel.  Pinners are looking for the best eats, best places to stay, best attractions, and the ways to enjoy their travel more. They’ve already planned the big stuff like hotels and plane tickets, so now people are planning what they’ll actually do on their trip—where to eat, fun activities, etc.

For the typical traveler it’s all about the road trip planning, the nature destinations and the budget-friendly finds.  Unknown destinations and surprise travel are also popular categories.

Camping!  Van life—traveling in a van and outfitting it for lengthy time—is really popular right now, so be sure to pin what would appeal to your audience.

Other popular travel subjects to keep in mind this month include:

  • Family travel—how to keep the kids entertained.

  • Women’s solo travel is taking a spike in interest

  • Zero waste/sustainable travel (we’ve talked about this one for months, it’s still relevant!)

FashionOh, the summer outfits!  

  • Travel capsule wardrobes. For example, how to do Europe in 2 weeks with just your carry on, or 5 outfits for 10 days.

  • High-waist shorts and festival fashions (specifically music festivals).

  • Fashion sneakers, tie dye and jumpers, and cork sandals with pearls (of course) are all big this year, so include them in your pinning!

Weddingsweddings are headed into the busy season (June through September/October) so for brides and grooms it's all about ideas they’ll need for the actual event:

  • Groomsman ideas

  • Photo shoot suggestions

  • How to deal with seating charts

  • Setting up the wedding website

  • Getting registered

  • Wedding favors (for either wedding guests or the wedding party)

These weddings will already have the big needs in place: destination, venue, etc. Now they’ll be pinning details, so this is an important focus for your wedding content.

Last week I talked steampunk weddings (which are so cool!). To see more about that, visit the episode 15 show notes.


Home/DIY—this is always a big one as soon as it warms up. Most families will need inspiration for their activities and projects, and you’ll need to have some great content available when they come searching! Be sure to include:

  • Summer activities for the family

  • Gardening

    • container gardens/edible gardens

    • fun potted plants

  • Big yard projects, pool ideas

  • Spring cleaning with Marie Kondo (yes, this is still hot!)

    • garage cleanup/DIYs

  • Glitter/Metallic paints

  • Front door wreaths for summer (with unique materials like metal and other upcycled items)

Parenting—is always a big category for May pinning because parents will need lots of ideas for finishing off the school year and entertaining kids all summer! You’ll want to pin:

  • Summer boredom busters

  • Year-end school party ideas

  • How to fill the gap of summer learning

  • Camps and activities

  • Camping and travel ideas

With so much great content to pin in May, there is definitely something for every account! Use these ideas to curate fantastic content for your audience so you can serve them well and grow your presence.

E016: What to Pin in May + News Roundup

What to pin in May for every major niche on Pinterest. Trends for wedding, food, travel, fashion and more. #trendingonpinterest #pinterestmarketing #pinconcierge

1:13 Peculiar Pin

2:56 Pinterest News: Conversion Ads, Pinterest Has Gone Public

9:00 How to Avoid Getting Suspended

11:20 What to Pin in May: Holidays, Life Moments

14:34 What to Pin in May: Food

12:05 What to Pin in May: Travel

19:55 What to Pin in May: Fashion

21:40 What to Pin in May: Weddings

23:40 What to Pin in May: Home/DIY, Parenting


Peculiar Pin:

This week’s Peculiar Pin is Unicorn Poop Slime, because UNICORN is the word of the decade. The unicorn poop craze started with a Squatty Potty ad and now you can make just about anything unicorn poop style! You can find this and all of our Peculiar Pins on our Pinterest Board “Peculiar Pins.”

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