E38 What to Pin in October

E38 What to Pin in October

On today’s episode, Annette and co-host Julia Groves are talking about what to pin in October and Pinterest News! There’s a lot of content to pin in October for Fall plus the holidays. To see what to pin from past months, check out all our What To PIn episodes

And don’t miss our Peculiar Pin—custom nail decals! You can use your vinyl cutter for more than crafts and home decor, you can use it for nail art! We love that Pinterest can help us find creative new uses for the equipment we already have. This “crossover” content is extremely valuable, as it can help you better serve your current audience while reaching new pinners as well. You can find this and all our Peculiar Pins on our Peculiar Pins Board.

Pinterest News

Pinterest Board Collab of Coral Pink 

This is a collaboration board, but it appears that Pinterest is pinning submissions from other companies, not inviting them to pin directly to the board themselves. Each year, Pantone releases a color of the year—a popular color named by the Pantone Color Institute and used by graphic designers, fashion designers, florists, etc. to plan and design their products. It’s a great idea to incorporate them into your pins, if possible.

Pinterest + Warner Bros

In order to generate more interest in their new movie, IT Chapter 2, Warner Bros teamed up with Pinterest to create a 360º immersive video pin. Pinterest really favors video right now, so it’s interesting to see what they’re doing with it! In fact, Tailwind now has the capability to upload video pins, so keep an eye on video and where it’s going. If you haven’t started experimenting with video pins, it’s time!

If you’ve been playing with video pins and you see great engagement but a low click-thru rate, then try assessing your pins. Are you giving away too much info in the video, not giving pinners a reason to visit your website? Your video should catch the eye, but your content should catch their attention.

Andréa Mallard USA Today Video Article

The Today Show produced a video article about social media and the isolation and disconnect that are stemming from constant connectivity. Pinterest is different from other platforms, though. According to Pinterest Chief Marketing officer Andréa Mallard, it’s less a platform for connecting with others virtually and more for finding value to solve life’s daily problems. Whether you’re fixing up a home or fixing dinner, you can find unique, creative solutions that might otherwise never be considered.

Find Andréa’s interview at 2:33 in the video. We loved her comment, “We are not trying to take advantage of the wayward brain.” Pinterest is trying to serve you the inspiration you need so you can re-enter life and connect with other people.

Pinterest is not about isolating people with social media, but about serving up inspiration so they get back to life and do their living.

Pinterest is not about isolating people with social media, but about serving up inspiration so they get back to life and do their living.

What to Pin in October


Halloween: last-minute ideas for costumes, trick-or-treating, decorations, food, etc.

Thanksgiving: mostly food, but some decor and activities as well

Christmas: decor, gifts, what to buy AND make, GIFT GUIDES (start yesterday if you don’t have one up on your site!!)

New Year’s: parties, appetizers, and decor are all popular

How to weather the holidays: organization ideas, traditions, stress-reducing ideas, how to simplify


Engagements peak through the holiday season, so this is a great time to pin engagement ideas. A lot of people also get married in the Fall so anniversary ideas are big, as well as creating and starting family traditions.


Fall and Christmas break are big travel times, especially for families because kids are out of school. This is also when a lot of people take advantage of their paid time off that they can’t roll over into the next year.

Be sure to pin places to celebrate the holidays or “get away” from the holidays.

The biggest travel days of the year are just prior to Thanksgiving and pinners are looking for ways to:

  • Entertain kids in the airport

  • Reduce travel stress

  • Save money 

  • Pack a capsule wardrobe

  • Pack a carry-on (especially for the new requirements)

Plus, people want to know the best travel dates. A lot of pinners are also looking for inspiration because they’re dreaming of that future vacation they won’t be taking this year.


Food is always popular on Pinterest, but this is the golden season for pinning food! Cupcakes, sugar cookies, and PIE are especially popular, so make sure you’re pinning those all the way through November.

Of course, be sure to pin recipes with pumpkin pie spice and maple, and don’t forget about appetizers and cocktails! Moscow mules are popular right now, so include those when you’re pinning cocktails. There are a lot of parties from now until the end of the year, so don’t miss out on all the pinners looking for party food!

Cooler weather + busy family life = pinners searching for crockpot and instant pot recipes.

Paleo, Whole 30, and keto are still popular, but a new one gaining a lot of popularity is the AIP diet (autoimmune protocol). It has a lot of similarities to paleo and Whole 30, so if your recipes fit the AIP guidelines, it would be a good idea to create some new pins with that in the text.

And don’t forget about pumpkin and squash plus other late-season harvest items!


LAYERS are big this year—clothing that speaks comfort. This also includes scarves and boots (half boots to knee-high boots are all popular).

Monochromatic is big right now—layers of the same color. Deep colors are currently in, especially the browns and blacks and even tangerine orange.

We can’t forget to mention jumpsuits, which are still big, as well as high-waisted jeans.


Keep pinning Halloween home decor ideas through October. Start tapering the bigger projects, and as Halloween approaches, be sure to pin your last-minute Halloween content (costumes, decor, etc.).

Pinterest is reporting a lot of searches for “pink Halloween” because people really want to move on from traditional Halloween colors that may not really work in the home or with their other decor. 

It’s important to note that a lot of people are moving toward spooky fun rather than dark and haunted in their decor.

Blankets are trending as well this Fall, but it’s not just how to make them. It’s also how to use them, how to style them, etc. 

Dollar store decor ideas are also doing well—inexpensive purchases that still look nice. Crossing over from our food suggestion, Moscow mule mugs are showing up in decor because of the bright copper accents.


Pinners are looking for those last-minute touches for upcoming weddings, but they’re also looking toward the future to weddings that will take place in the Fall of the next year. This means you’ll want to pin content relevant to both types of pinners. Fall weddings are often outdoors, rustic, and they tend to incorporate more nature.

We’re also looking toward Winter and Spring weddings right now because, as you know, weddings are a long game. In fact, some pinners are still in the “dreaming” stage at this time of year.

Destination weddings are searched a lot throughout the Fall and Winter. And don’t forget northern destinations for Summer weddings!

Fun wedding fashion this Fall includes wedding hats and ball gown style wedding dresses, plus hairpieces and headpieces. 


As you might expect, Halloween parties are big right now, but so are traditions, science fair projects, and parent-teacher conferences (or student-lead conferences). Football is still big this time of year, as well as cold and flu prevention (including staying healthy).

There’s so much happening in October—there’s really something for everyone! Keep your content relevant and current and you’ll serve your audience well this Fall.

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