E34 What to Pin in September and the Pinterest News Round Up

E34 What to Pin in September and the Pinterest News Round Up

On Today’s episode, Annette and cohost Jessi Darrington chat through the latest Pinterest news and what to pin in September for every major niche. Pinterest is a seasonal platform, so keeping on top of trends is important to serving your audience well and expanding your reach. 

And don’t miss Jessi’s pick for our Peculiar Pin—but only if you don’t mind being hungry! It’s a different kind of recipe video, and we’re still drooling. Don’t miss this and all our Peculiar Pins on our Peculiar Pins Board.

Pinterest News

For Pinterest Users in Distress

Each year, millions of people search Pinterest for emotional health resources. Pinterest is responding by offering more than just relevant quotes and pins with helpful blog posts—now they’re offering a collection of emotional well-being activities that can be done right in the app. They’re quick to say that this isn’t a replacement for professional care, simply an additional resource designed to be helpful in the moment. This is a great new update and we’re interested to see how it helps users.

300 Million Pinterest Users

Just a year ago Pinterest announced 250 million users, which means they’ve grown by 50 million users in just the last year—so it’s still a rapidly growing platform. They credit that growth to living their mission statement: bringing everyone inspiration to create a life they love. One more interesting tidbit from this article is that 9 out of 10 pinners say Pinterest is filled with positivity. We’re not sure any other social media platform can say the same!

2nd Quarter Earnings Report

Pinterest has exceeded expectations, which means stock has gone up! One reason they exceeded expectations was that they were able to reach more users. They’ve also expanded their advertising with various automotive companies—definitely an interesting move!

9 out 10 pinners say that Pinterest is a place of positivity. Would you say that about other social media on the interwebs?

9 out 10 pinners say that Pinterest is a place of positivity. Would you say that about other social media on the interwebs?

What to Pin in September

You can check out our September Trends board for the ideas below and more.


It’s important to start pinning holidays 2-3 months prior to the actual day—the bigger the holiday, the further out you should start! Keep these holidays in mind for September:

  • Labor Day

  • Columbus Day

  • Halloween

  • Thanksgiving (think travel in addition to recipes!)

Life Moments

Life moments are always big. This month, watch for the following:

  • Weddings: most people don’t realize that most areas actually see their peak wedding season in the Fall. One reason is that engagements are high between Halloween and New Year’s.

  • Retirement: October is a peak month for retirements (think travel, budgeting, etc.)


As you probably know, food is popular all year long! In September, focus on pinning:

  • Squash, especially butternut squash and pumpkin

  • Soup

  • Comfort food

  • Bread videos

  • Cupcake decorating videos

  • Holiday foods


Travel is still going strong, but people are really out of the dreaming stage by September and moving into the actual planning. Include these types of pins in your September lineup!

  • Fall foliage road trips

  • Hot springs 

  • Camping weekend trips

  • Weekend getaways

  • Holiday travel (Disney is huge for Christmas!)


Fall Fashion Week is one of the only times you’ll pin on a “just in time” basis because the content simply isn’t available beforehand. We’d suggest being familiar with the designers and aware of what they’re doing so you can write your content quickly once fashion week hits. Things to watch for include: runway, street style, and “get it cheap” clothes.

Romance style is in this Fall (flowers, poofy sleeves, etc.)

Statement sneakers are another one to watch out for—sneakers in bold, unique colors, including tie-dye. Watch for strong oranges and reds this Fall.

Other fashions to keep on your radar include:

  • Women’s menswear blazers

  • Knits and sweaters and how to wear them


This is peak wedding season and we’re seeing some interesting trends this Fall. Watch for

  • Dark color palettes (which means black with anything). Even black wedding dresses are in.

  • Balloon walls or archways, but not the typical ones you’ve seen. These are fancier, with different sized balloons, unique arrangements, and even large paper flowers. 

  • Curvy bridal gowns and white suits for women (especially in conjunction with the LGBTQ community, doing suits for both of the brides—minimalism is still in)

  • Engagement ideas (peak engagement season begins right after Halloween): photos, rings, ideas for asking, ways for a girl to ask a guy, etc.)

  • Fall barn wedding ideas (for the dreamers and planners)


Nail art and soap making will be big this Fall, especially if you have video! Sewing videos will be big as well, especially for the DIYers making their own costumes.


Kids are back in school, so juggling kids' schedules is a big one to start pinning (especially command centers). Fall/winter clothes for your kids is also big (so pay attention to that if you have a clothing shop!). Other popular words to watch for include parenting hacks, parenting quotes, and parenting humor.

A Final Word on Video

If you haven’t noticed by now, video is a big trend and it’s only growing from here. They get a ton of impressions and saves, and yes, they ARE getting clicks! There is some lag time (usually a couple of months) between saves and clicks. Even slideshow videos are doing well, so if you don’t have action shots, it’s okay! You can still utilize video pins. Try both square and vertical pins—both are doing well!

Big thanks to Jessica for joining us and sharing so much valuable information! You can find her on Instagram @part.time.tourists or Part-Time Tourists.

E034 What to Pin in September + Pinterest News Round Up

2:40 Peculiar Pin
5:29 Pinterest News
10:22 What to Pin | Holidays
11:55 What to Pin | Life Moments
13:30 What to Pin | Food
14:50 What to Pin | Travel
17:02 What to Pin | Fashion
20:08 What to Pin | Weddings
23:27 What to Pin | Home/DIY
25:16 What to Pin | Parenting
26:50 Video


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