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One Time Services

Advertising and Account Consulting

You have your Pinterest account in place, but you want to get a tweak on what’s missing. Or you need help developing a long term strategy. Maybe your product lauch needs one Pinterest review for success. Schedule a consult for personalized information and actionable take-aways

Pinterest AccouNT Audit

We'll review your Pinterest account to give you feedback on the best ways to improve your account's branded appearance, website pinning friendliness, and suggestions for how you can DIY your Pinterest account.  


for new account set up — Haven't started Pinterest and want to begin with the best practices?  Or you have been using it without clear purpose?  We can clean up your account to stylize boards, optimize profile and curate boards to match your brand and acquire more search referral.  

Promoted Campaigns

Have a seasonal product you need promoted to drive in store or online sales? We can set up a campaign to promote your pins (yours or of our design).  Includes description optimizing, campaign tracking, results and ad group management. 


Maintenance Services

avg 10 Pins/Day*

If you love to use Pinterest yourself and know you can put in time to pin some things or if your brand is very niche.   We can schedule to keep your brand's focus consistent, leaving you to research and enjoy more of what you find on Pinterest.  You'll receive monthly reports and suggestions for board actions and image improvements.

avg 20 pinS/Day*

At 20  pins per day business accounts thrive in the Pinterest search.  You will receive all the benefits of 10 pins per day plus  one complimentary A/B testing when you sign up (testing can be done after the first month of service to ensure clear results) 

Full Service COncierge

For the Influencer that wants hands off.  Includes services like pin creation from your images or ours, scheduling at the optimal level for your audience, monthly reports and continuous A/B testing to maximize your results.

*all maintenance packages have a one time onboarding fee