Thank you for joining me for the Promoted Pins Simplified Class. It’s always enjoy presenting and learning from business owners. During the presentation various resources were mentioned. Here is a list of those and further suggestions for your Pinterest work. FYI there are affiliate links below—meaning a small commission may be paid to Pin Concierge should you purchase through these links at no additional cost to yo.


The workBook

This workbook was offered in class for taking notes, it has the basic layout of a promoted pin campaign and can help you plan your first Pinterest ad campaign.

Pinterest sources mentioned in the presentation:

Promoted Pins WEbsite PrEp

To prepare your website for Promoted pins you need to complete four steps. They aren’t all quick, but are necessary for good advertising analytics. Here is the FREE eBook about how to prepare your website for Pinterest Promoted Pins.

The Slides

If you attended and want to review the slides from the presentation you can get them here.

FURther Courses on Promoted Pins

There are lots of courses out there on Promoted Pins. I recommend these two. Links below include affiliate links meaning that if you purchase you will be supporting the Pin Concierge Podcast at no additional cost to you.

Pinning Practical Ads by Monica of Redefining Mom is a free course that gives you a quick jump start on promoted pins with a 3 day challenge. Her course Pin Practical Promotions is a fee course and more intensive. She breaks it down into very simple terms, and there is lots of videos and information (so be ready to dedicate some time to taking this course). It’s meant very much for bloggers looking for low cost advertising.

Promoted Pins 101 by Alisa Meredith. You probably know Alisa from her work with Tailwind as Content Manager. She excels at the latest cutting edge changes to Promoted Pins. Her course is more of an overview of the general promoted pins set up with tips and tricks. What you really want is her facebook group, only available with the course. She and others that spend lots of time doing just ads are a goldmine of information you can only get in that facebook group.

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If there is a resource missing you wanted please email us so we can add it or help you out. Don’t forget we offer promoted pin management services as well.